Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


And here comes what, in the terms of the ‘Eon’ challenge I would have called first color pass.

It is the almost final test for composition, color balance, athmosphere. Adjustments will be made till the end, of course, but the main elements are there (unless, of course, something dreadful escaped me and you make me realize it).
You may notice that a fae is missing…Psycho didn’t work well with the farthest part of the composition, after all, so off she went.

Equipment and accessories will be added later (with a couple of exceptions, like Sniper’s gun and the bag of fairy dust, as you see).

It may be a while before my next update: this morning I found my first ever e-mail from an AD getting in touch for a job, if everything goes as I hope the next month will be a busy one.
I’m a bit stunned yet, but it has been a wonderful start to the day. :slight_smile:


looking might sweet here.

only thing i dont like at this very moment is the very cg photoshop like texture of the rocks… and a few other areas.

but i am looking forward to see how you work everything out.


Wow, now that’s one amazing update! Beautiful work! I really like how the eye is drawn to the brighter-lit areas in the centre of the scene. Once again, definitely no crits from me. Good luck with your workload!


Thank you, friends! :slight_smile:

Slav, you’re perfectly right about the textures, of course, there’s a whole lot of refining to do. :arteest: Glad you like it on the whole :slight_smile: at this step checking the whole of the image was just what I had in mind. :slight_smile:

Mark, thank you so much for the encouragement and the good luck whishes. :slight_smile: It is what I wanted, but I confess that taking my first step in the industry is making me mightily nervous…


I just wanted to say this is looking great! I’ll keep my eye one this one, good luck with everything.


I absolutely love the palette choice.
I’ll see how you’ll manage these multiple light’s sources :drool:


Thank you, Darran and Serena, it is great to see both returning friends and new commenters.

The good whishes are extremely appreciated, I think I’ll have a lot in my hands with those multiple lights. :slight_smile:

Glad you like the palette, Serena, I’m trying to keep it harmonic but also ‘lively’…

And now, back to work! :arteest:


Hi Tiziano!

All i can say - WOW :eek:

Colors and composition looks really good.

Your characters very beautiful.

The only thing bother me is the wings of fairy on the right, it looks too bright for me.


hello. nice idea. the fairy camando on the right forground seems to pull me away from the compositions as a whole. perhaps if she was not looking at the “camera” and looking toward the action the it would be better.

the etheral lighting and colours are nice and fit the fairy world you have created but the textures you have laid on are destroing it for me. Maybe becasue i am a traditionalist and think that short cut textures are a bloddy sin. And i see people just randomly putting textures on as short cuts and it never looks good to me, much more interesting is creating texture by using bruishstrkes.


WOW! That’s a great update :thumbsup:


without a doubt! i agree with Martin! :eek: incredible use of colours bro! very vivid indeed! :eek: :love: me looking forward to your next update bro! :love: god bless ya!


@ Demitsuri: thank you, Dimitri! I’ve been wondering about the intensity of both lights (left and right) they probably will be tuned down some, going on with the work.

@ W-I-L thanks for commenting. You know? I’m a traditionalist too (been one for 17 years) and, IMO textures are not "bloody sin", as you so colorfully say, unless one doesn’t know what he’s doing.
As I said, I’m still in a very early stage of coloring, trying out the palette and the lights (and textures as well), this in my usual workflow is little more than a blocking in.

@ MartinNielsen: thanks! Hope you’ll like the next ones too :).

@ nwiz25: Nevs, bro, thank you! :slight_smile: It will be a while before the next update (I’m happily busy on card art for the moment) I’m really, really happy this Challenge ends in October, this way I’ve hope of finishing, although it looks like you and quite a few other friends will be on the finishing line way before I arrive myself :wink:


thats all i ment… didn’t realise you where in really early stage… keep em coming;)


I will :slight_smile: :wink:


Wow, cool idea and realization, lots of charismatic persons with some individual characteristics which i can read from each face.

Just great work, rock on !!!


WOwwwww, taziano!!!Starting to work out so great!Lovely colors, characters and poses!(love that elfy booty,LOLLLL)
Actually I think the pic and his depth is still a bit difficult to read with all those elements,but I know you work that out supadupa nice as always!
Looking forward to your next steps buddy!

and…ok last one…


targus: thank you for the great encouragement, mate, happy you like! Individual characteristics and temperament are very important to me. :slight_smile:

OKMER: pal, it’s great to see you! Yes, hopefully on the way all pieces will fall into place and the image will be clear but keep depth of field as well (at least that’s the idea, hope I’ll manage it :wink: ) Elfy booties rule! :wink:


How long not seen! :slight_smile:

I’m still here, though, just got a breather in between commissions (not that I’m complaining, mind you, I like way better illustration work than my ‘normal’ day-job work).

So I thought of taking advantage of the free time to post a little update , just a detail for now.

Be well, have fun and thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


Once again, I can’t crit this. Amazing work. I especially like that snail shell hat - that’s a nice idea done really well


Hey Tiziano,hehe…Love it!That snailhat rock’s indeed!
Maybe just one(2 lol)tiny little things…For me the distance between her shoulder and elbow seems maybe a tiny little bit too short.By the way, that elbow rock’s!
The shadow on her left leg just behind her knee seems a bit strange to me…But I’m being a bit fuzzy there.Anyway, your use of colors and painting totaly rocks buddy!Keep m coming.Cheers!