Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Looks great, Thaldir! Your last Challenge entry had one very beautiful woman in it, I’m looking forward to seeing your treatment on so many faeries here. Nice subdued palette… Will you be punching up the values more and adding some sharper lighting from one side or another somehwere? Have fun…! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Mike!

Yes, this is just a first evaluation both for palette and lightning, there will be a cold light from the top right and a warm one from the bottom left as principal ones, then it’s very likely that the 'classic faeries will have some auras of their own (like ‘Nerdy’ the one in the middle, I see her luminous aura flaring up in surprise…)

What have I gotten into? I must be crazy… :wink:


Just amazing! This is so cool to see. This looks like being another one of your masterpieces!


I like it - makes me think of the elves deep in the forest in the hobbit. Nice mood



Hey, I like your sketch! I can’t really tell what’s going on though, I think you need to push the story a bit more?

Intrigued, want to see more…


Hey :slight_smile:

Wonderful sketches you have here with great sense of anatomy :thumbsup: Rock on!


beautiful sketches Thaldir it is coming together great, I think this is going to be one of the best paintings I have seen you do. I can’t wait to see more progress so I can cheer you on :slight_smile:


OHHH great to see the whole picture !
Can’t wait to discover how you’ll manage each subject !:thumbsup:


The line art looks great Tiziano! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I’m going with the rifle girl for now. :wink: Though, following the lines, the front one seems to be the center piece. I’m wondering, what’s the pink glowing one doing? Is she a fairy-secretary?

Maybe you can do something with the frog. Make it like a battle beast or a walking (or whatever it is they do) amphibic tank.

Somehow, it kind of reminds me of a slumber party pillow fight. :slight_smile:


holy moly! :eek: this is far out bro! :eek: love the lighting and colours already! :bounce: each of the fairies are so beautiful and lethal too! :scream::smiley: each and every section of the concept has something for the viewer! :buttrock:
AWESOME my dear Tiz! :love:simply awesome! :applause:

good luck as always bro! :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:


@ mdavid :blush: Thank you, Mark! I hope the final result will be up to par.

@ Gord-MacDonald: Thanks, Gord, yes, in my intention mood is fundamental here, I’m glad that it goes through even at this stage. :slight_smile:

@ paperclip: Hi, there! Glad I intrigued you this much! :slight_smile: The story will become clearer as I start playing with colors and light (at least, that’s the idea…) looking forward to further impressions on your side. :slight_smile:

@ MartinNielsen: thanks for the great praise, correct anatomy is very important to me. Please, point out any mistakes you may notice popping up later on, will you?

@ Ivy00: thank you so much, lady! I’d say that, as long as the best painting is the last, one seems to be on the right track, isn’t that so? :wink:

@ CyborgJA: thanks, Serena! Happy you like, hope you’ll continue liking it as it develops :slight_smile:

@ RicoD :what’s the pink glowing one doing? Is she a fairy-secretary? Ah, Nerdy (she’s the one my wife identifies with) well, she was just there reading a book when havoc began… she’s seen the sniper (that isn’t aiming at her) and is ready to use the book as a shield, but she isn’t aware yet of incoming Psycho with the acorn-mace.

Sniper thanks you for the compliment. :slight_smile:

We’ll see what happens with the frog, I sort of wanted to have some ‘normal’ wildlife doing its own businness in the pic…

Somehow, it kind of reminds me of a slumber party pillow fight. LOL! Great image, Rico! Love the comparison and the kind of mood that evokes.

@ nwiz25: It’s always a joy to see you in my threads, bro! Thank you so much for the great encouragment, and best of luck to you. :slight_smile: :love:


Oh well amaze me with its wip ! :scream::thumbsup:


My, what an impatient lady! :wink:

I’ve just finished a matte I wanted to have ready before the Ballistic deadline (in the 2D gallery now) and for the time being I’ll concentrate on this one, I promise!:slight_smile:

Stay tuned…


hi Thaldir
your concept is very HOT :smiley:
i like your style, good luck man




Thank you, Francesco, and good luck to you! :slight_smile:


this one can get really dirty really fast. i like it!


Tiz! ma man … where are ya?? its been quite a while :frowning: … missin ya! :cry:


Thank you, Slav! I’ll have an update up tomorrow evening I think. :slight_smile:

Nevs, bro! Bear with me, please…
I’ve been painting like mad to get this at the next step, meanwhile a couple commissions arrived, so I guess I’ll have to do a bit of juggling in the near future ;).
Did you get our e-mail with the photos of our newest addition? :slight_smile:

Marina sends her love (as always :slight_smile: ) hope all is well with you and family. :slight_smile:


hey bro! :love: very happy to c u! :bounce: … no probs … me understand :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ll check my mails right away … havent been able to lately … i’m slumped with work too :cry:
my love n luck to u, marina and ur family! god bless u all! :love: missin u a lot! be well! :love:


We miss you too, Nevs! :love:

Take good care of yourself and remember to take time off and relax every now and then, OK?

…Otherwise we’ll have to come there and take things in our own hands… :wink: :slight_smile: