Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Love the expression of the girl on the left. Looking good, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Thank you Sasha and Baron! What a pleasant surprise!

Thanks for the encouraging words. :slight_smile: I’ll have another sketch of an ‘army-fairy’ for tonight (this piece is turning into a ‘Where’s Waldo’ sort of thing…) :wink:


I wasn’t able to finish this one yesterday evening, so she arrives today. Could not do without a sniper, could we?

Thanks to Mark David for making me think about guns. :slight_smile:


Eeee! You’ve started! I LOVE the sniper. Strange and wonderful. Sometimes thistle seed are just like little darts! I’d better get crackin’ huh?


WOW I love these design…are…unusual !!


Hey, Cris! Thanks for the appreciation :slight_smile: . Yes, I’d say that, even though the challenge lasts till October, posting some sketches wouldn’t be a bad move, comments from viewers are a great help in deciding which direction to take.

…And I’m really curious to see your ideas :slight_smile: .

Ciao, Serena! Thank you, glad you like, ‘unusual’ is just what I’m aiming for.
This piece is going to be a compositional nightmare, but I’m already laughing out loud thinking at all the different possibilities. I want it to be something you can look at for a very long time…

…and it sort of answers your ‘What are you gonna do next?’ in the WIP thread ;).


Hey, Thaldir, good to see you here again! Nice concepts so far - I see we’re doing stuff in the vaguely same neighborhood, you with the Faeries and me with the Elves! :slight_smile:

For this last image - the faerie with the rifle - what about turning her face a bit more up and to the right so that it’s not so hidden and we can see more of her face and see that she’s looking right more than down? You do pretty faces, it would be nice to see them well…!

Also, right now, her pose conveys “rifle” but the shape of the rifle gives the mistaken impression of “umbrella” more than “firearm.” Mainly it’s because of the curve of the handle - what if you curve it less? And what about maybe adding a few more “branches” coming off here and there - maybe even one right in front of her right hand that reads like a hand-guard?

anyhow, just some ideas… good luck with it!


Hey, Walrus!

LOL! If your elves glance around searching for lost dice they might have a surprise. :smiley:

Good points all. The ‘gun’ will definitely have some leaves.
Not quite sure about the sniper’s face, though, it depends where she’ll be in the final comp (working on that now) but don’t worry…there’ll be plenty of faces there :slight_smile: (planning to have at least 10 faeries in it, the most I’ve ever done… I must be crazy).


That looks wonderful. Wow, all those years I’ve spent thinking fairies were such nice things - well now I know what they really get up to! I like the way you’ve used real plants to create your fairy weapons. There are definitely plants that fire seeds like the example you show and that is so much more clever than my grass stalks idea


I’m really really curious to see how you will place all the elements of this “nightmare”.
In the meantime I’ll enjoy with these sketches !


Battle faeries! :slight_smile:

This is going to be something really outsdanding.



Wow, she is fantastic! :thumbsup:

I was thinking… What about adding some more military accessories to her? Like small daggers made of spikes hanging on her belt, or a little knife made of sharp grass edge on her hip? Or a rope made of spider net?
I also imagined one faerie riding a dragonfly -air force, or may be a big beetle. Insects are generally looking like mechanical reinforced vehicles, may be those war faeries actually using them like that?


very very nice work!!
I’m really impatient to see what your mind will do again!
really one of the best concept seen in this challange…


Wow! Thank you to you all!

@ mdavid: it was you that set me thinking about grass guns, Mark! After a few sketches I started searching for ‘ready-made weapons’, that’s all (and I find intriguing having ‘real’ details in a fantasy piece :slight_smile: ).

@ CyborgJA: thanks, Serena! Now I’ve settled on a composition and gathered all the elements I need, drawing will begin in earnest tonight! :slight_smile:

@ Demitsuri, thank you! Hope you’ll like the final result. :slight_smile:

@ musi, thanks! Great suggestions :slight_smile: I’ll definitely add to the commandoes equipment and you’ve given me interesting ideas. For this one I’ve really no way to add mechanical infantry or Air Force (and you’ll see why soon), but I’ll definitely love to use both ideas on some future piece :).

@ parol.a: grazie, Alessio! :slight_smile: Hope you’ll like the next steps too.
Love how your ‘chubby child’ is coming out, I cannot model to save my own life…


uhuhuhuhuhuuuu I’ll check tomorrow !


Her gun is very creative! She is really interesting…


hey Tiz ma bro! now thats what i call I . N . N . O . V . A . T. I . O . N . !
:stuck_out_tongue: :scream::smiley: very cool indeed! fairies meet the army now! :eek: hehehe :stuck_out_tongue: great to c ur concept filled with creativity and zing! well … to be very honest … im a big zero wen it comes to weaponry and all … but i really love the idea as to what u whipped up :stuck_out_tongue: good on ya mate! looking forward to more :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers to you bro! :beer:

god bless ya! :love:


I keep being awed and stunned by your wonderful comments, my friends :blush:

Serena, just a bit longer, please: I’m working as fast as I can, I swear… but 12 faeries are a whole lot of wings to draw :wink:

Kei, lady, I’m extremely flattered that you like her, hope you’ll come again to check on the progress.

Neville, bro, you must be the most positive and sunny person I’ve ever met :love: :slight_smile: thank you and God bless you and your family.


At long last! Lineart is finished and here it comes…
I took the liberty of playing a bit with values, volumes and athmosphere in the ‘lineart’ step.


And now the details:



And right