Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Greetings Thildir - Grand Lord of the Posts and High Artist Extraordinary,

Yes, I would be honored if you quoted me. Just don’t tell Elvis.


Rest assured, I won’t. :wink:


Tiziano… could you share your knowledge of FTP with me please? I suppose you have used it before being that this is not your first challenge:) I could use some solid info.


My pleasure, Kamal.

Right now, though, I’m a bit confused myself, since I don’t seem to be able to find any info about how and since which time we are supposed to submit our high-res file through FTP.

Last time the FTP uploader page was activated about 3 weeks before the closing of the challenge and it was announced, so my guess is it isn’t ready yet.

On my side, I tried different programs, and settled on SmartFTP, it is free and I found it easy to use.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. :slight_smile:


You have been a great help, thank you so much!


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


the stone-faces fit great to the scene and the background characters are worked out well

Ooops ! I didn’t noticed the faces untill now ! Definitely a piece full of surprises… I must search trough the image with more attention now, maybe I shall find some other hidden things… :wink:

BTW, very smart idea ! :thumbsup:


I didn’t as well. This masterpiece sure has a lot of surprises :eek:


Arianna, Martin thank you! :love:
As a child I enjoyed illustrations that ‘drew me in’ with lots of little details to be discovered a bit at a time…I tried to paint something in that vein and to hint at something more behind the obviously visible.


hahaha, it’s the last days, this piece needs to been seen some more…


Thanx for the “bump”, pal !:slight_smile:


I hadnt seen the final image Tiziano… It looks mindblowing man… everything in it looks soooo detailed… You can really capture emotions… Amazing work… Best of luck with the voting…


I too need a commando fairy burst of green!


Icedeyes, thank you, George. :slight_smile: You have been a constant support and great help, I’m really happy you like the final result. Thanks for the good wishes! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but however it goes this has been a hugely enjoyable ride.

Korendo, I’ll have a ‘friendly’ chat with the commando sarge and see if I can arrange an airborne drop, just give me the precise coordinated of the target. :wink:


Oh, to again bask in a wave of green, after sitting in a cesspool all day one needs to get back to nature. The commando airdrop should be at “Superfund Site 12” near Grace Land of course.


Copy, ready for airdrop at specified coordinates, commando out.


Investigation of non-national commandos on U.S. soil

Agent Larry - It looks like the fairies were massacred here. (Picking up commando fairy rifle)

Agent Curly - Hey Moe look at the Nerf ball (squeezing the ball it explodes covering Moe with green goo)

Agent Moe – Why you pudding head! (Bonk! Pushes Curley who falls into Larry discharging the commando fairy rifle, blowing off a three inch wide swath of hair of the top of Moe’s head)

Exit scene as Agent Moe chases the other two agents.


Agent Larry - It looks like the fairies were massacred here. (Picking up commando fairy rifle)

Not so fast… theese faeries are masters in misdirection tactics: watch your back ! :smiley:

BTW, I saw the preview of the new Exotique 3 and that you are in with your “Elven Scout”: congratulations for a beautifull piece inside an awesome book ! :applause:


Hey Tiziano! The final is gorgeous! Just wanted to wish you luck in the judging stage. Also, congrats for making it into Exotique 3! That book is really suited for your ‘body of work’ (pun intended). :slight_smile:


LOL! Yes, those fairies are more cunning that they look, I’d suggest the three agents to watch their backs and look above as well.

Thanks for the congratulations, folks! It was really a giddy moment when the announcement e-mail arrived (compounded by the fact that just the evening before I had landed my first free-lancing job in the industry…).

I’m still excited, a bit scared (since I feel I’ve definitely to remain up to par, now) and still ‘in seventh Heaven’ as we say in Italy (I think it’s ‘on cloud 9’ in the U.S.). I can’t wait to hold the book…