Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


wow… i really really really like your work man… :thumbsup:


Jassar, Demitsuri, marlena, norzaful: Thank you so much for your support, appreciation and well whishes.
Knowing that you like this work so much that you felt the need to stop here and let me know really means a lot to me.

Thank you, and best of luck to you all for your artistic endeavours. :love:


Hey Tiziano, great and beautiful art work my friend!! I love all composition and lighting. The atmosphere is magic and put a “little jungle note” for the fairies commando action, cool!. The scout fairy is charming, cute, beautiful, sexy … I love her!! :smiley: and I like that she are looking to the viewer of your painting, inviting him to join the fairies commando and to enter in the fantastic scene that you created, awesome mate!!. Really great detail in the whole painting, and the allready famous rock faces (look on the left bottom corner rock… nice!! I think that type of berries “bullets” can convert a fairy on stone… :smiley: )

Again really awesome and beautiful art work master Tiziano :slight_smile: Good luck my friend and time for a well deserved beers!! (and some tequila shots :D) Cheers Tiziano!! :beer: :applause:


Ferx, my friend, thank you! You’ve been a great help and encouragement all through the Challenge and I appreciate your support and friendship to no end. :slight_smile:

I really wish I was half good as you think I am, but I can promise I will strive to the outmost to get there.

P.S. I passed your compliments to Scout and she thanks you, but you’ve better be careful, or your ‘high class lady’ could become jelous and try to feed you to the crocodiles :wink:

At the finishing line the tequila is on me. Cheers! :beer:


I’m very happy to see the completed piece, Tiziano… and I like it very much ! :applause:

Hope to see it between the chosen by the jury !


I am not going to repeat myself…
Congratulations with the great finish! It’s went over all my expectations!


You create great mood with CHaracters, colors, lightking and composition. It’s cool 4 me :slight_smile:


Hi Tiziano, Congratulations! A very nice detailed image. Best wishes, good luck! Bravo, Cheers!


Arianna, Grazie! Thank you so much, lady, for your support, regular visits and the well wishes. And…fingers crossed! :wink:

Musi, you’re , as always, lovely thank you so much for your continuing support and appreciation.:love:

Dzordan,dziekuje (sorry for the missing marks) mood was one of the fundamentals for me in this piece, I’m really happy to hear that it shows. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

ashiataka, sorry, I don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in your language. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and post to show your appreciation, it is extremely appreciated


It was fun to watch this one evolve. i think you’ve made an excellent job in joining all those characters with the lighting in that environment. so much anatomy work, pheww! the close up lady, and the seductive butterfly winged fairy with the reflection are my favorite, beautiful portraits. best of luck with the voting…


Jeffparadox: thanks for the compliments and good wishes, man, it’s really appreciated.
I had a lot of fun painting the faeries, I’m glad to hear this was a fun piece to follow for you.
The two ladies thank you as well ;).
Best of luck to you.:beer:


Greetings Tiziano,

Shock and awe! Oh the humanity, I mean, oh the fairiemanity! You masterful and gorgeous work accented by the massacre of the innocent by the once innocent. The sickening sweet is remedied by the highly spiced!
Enough of my silly ramblings, congratulations on an highly inspiring work!!

All the best bro!


Oh, my! The originator of the Elvis-impersonating plumbers is here!
…Maybe this pond needs a check to its water system… :wink:

Seriously, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to express your thoughts so eloquently, it is really extremely appreciated.

The sickening sweet is remedied by the highly spiced!
that was exacly the point I hoped to make, thanks!

All the best to you too! :beer:

P.S. your editing made it easier for a non-native speaker, but I hadn’t misunderstood your tone, no worries!


Amazing execution, beautiful work:love:I wish you all the best on the judging my friend:thumbsup:


Thank you!

Best of luck to you too, you have an interesting idea going.


wow, you`ve already finished?! how have I overseen this great artwork…the attitude of the main fairy (if she can be called so^^) is damn cool, very well executed
the stone-faces fit great to the scene and the backgroundcharacters are worked out well
the overall color scheme is a bit too much green but I think it works for the scene with the commando faeries :wink:
well done and best of luck to you

PS: I`m a non native speaker but this quote of Korendo sounds like pure poetry to me, make sure you have this in you description^^


[QUOTE=Thaldir] Elvis-impersonating plumbers is here!
…Maybe this pond needs a check to its water system… :wink:

I am thrilled to get a response from you!

[font=Arial]The Elf Environmental Protection Agency, Magic Pools Division has found high concentrations of an anti-elf-agent at the scene. But the Division of Water and Sewer outsourced to Trolls, found no blockages. So your pond is still going with the flow! Though one Elvis-Elf with a Plunger in a Frezetta action pose was reported by an undisclosed source. [/font]


Whoohoouu!!!YEssaiii, buddy!!!Sorry for me being out for a moment, but it feels so good to be back and see you worked your pic out so well man!Congratz on a great,great piece of art Tiziano!!!May ze forzz be wizz you!Cheers!!!


this is really coming along great Tiziano


Guterrez, thank you so much! I’m glad the color scheme doesn’t ruin it for you, I went mostly with light filtered through the lotus leaves, and I wanted the ‘commandoes’ to go for mimetic outfits, so, more green… :slight_smile:

P.S. I agree completely on Korendo’s quote…

Korendo, Thank for me your plumbers (and the Trolls as well) for this check. I’ll rest more easily from now on ;). Do I have your permission to quote you when introducing this piece somewhere?

OKMER, mate! I had started worrying about you! Glad to see you back in good shape! Go finish your entry, now, or I’ll never let you hear the end of it. :wink: Best of luck to you!

digital-bobert Thank you so much, Bobby, it means a lot. :slight_smile: