Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Till Nowak


Excellent work - Bravo!


Nice work man! Much better with out the human!
Good Luck!


Hahaha! Very good job! I like it.


this is so awesome!
Great design, great composition, great rendering, awesome idea!

Good luck man!


hahaha, great idea :smiley: so funny!


This is the little story of the bumblebee Bernard who wanted to impress his friends with a funny experiment. It was one of these boring days and they were as usual looking for some nonsense to get involved in, when the three bumblebees succeeded in switching on an electric shaver. And Bernard, for the first time in his life, completely freed himself from his beautiful yellow and black fur. But then, under the shouting and cheering of his mischievous friends, he watched in the mirror and had to recognize that the result didn`t please him as much as he expected. But hey, so what, it will grow again…


It’s the usual thing with “final images” - they are never “final”. So this is a reworked version of my final image, I mainly enhanced the contrast, gave it a more defined light composition and tweaked many little details which you can only see in the high res version.


I didn’t see this image during the contest so I just discoverd it… It is too funny !
Excellent idea… poor beast ! ah ah ah ! Good luck !!


I agree. Excellent models and the bare bee bum is a good touch.


hahaha, wonderful characters and overall image.


Great composition work… this image is very funny and creative


Great job Till ! Modeling, texturing, render and of course post ! A great lesson of 3D and 2D illustration ! Thanks !


Hahahah hilarous :thumbsup: Exellent idea and great image so far, bravo :thumbsup:

Good luck in the final voting :bounce:


hey, very nice render. You made funny character, very well done :slight_smile:
The only thing I can say is that you could try to make a version of your final image with blurry wings. Because they are flying, and i think it should be better if we feel the movement of the wings… at this time it’s too clear.

Good luck !


Thank you for your feedback! :beer:

@LC: About the blurred wings: I thought the same and tried it out, but it made the whole image very nervous and uneasy, so I decided to leave the wings clear…


Great work! Congratulations!! I wish you the best:thumbsup:


hi, just wanted to say i love your work. really made me chuckle.
nice concept and execution. well done.


Excellent Work Till! Best of luck.


And I have had a few upsetting haircuts as a child, though none this traumatic. Looks great, congratulations and best of luck,


HAHA, ronflll, love it!!REally made me laugh!Congratz on finishing a great peice man!!!Good luck to you!Cheers!