Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Till Nowak


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Latest Update: Final Image: Shaved Bumblebee - final final image


My “strange behaviour” is a shaved bumblebee. A bumblebee found an electric shaver in a bathroom and experimented with it. But when it finally watched in the mirror the result was not as great as it expected…


This is my zbrush model of the naked bumblebe


On the left side you see the modified zbrush model to become one of the laughing hairy bumblebees of the scene. On the right side you see the shaved bumblebee.


This is a material test of the shaved bumblebee. Rendered in zbrush and composed in Photoshop.


Here is my first scene layout. There is still a lot of details, materials and the fur missing.


Very funny! :slight_smile:
Good idea and good luck!


yeah, that is good. i like the bare butt…just a funny touch.


ahahahahah very nice strange looking… i never thought of it… maybe next time i try shave it… huhuuu


Your idea is really great and funny. NIce work for the moment. Nothing to crit.


great thing! I love those elephant-flies:)


Great idea! Execution so far is excellent - Bravo!


Lol. First time i see your Contest Tread here.
Have time this week to look what the other artist do.
And your tread is one of my favorites. The idea is very funny. And the bumblebees are great.

Love them. 5 Stars from me, when you can finish the picture.


Testing the fur with 3ds max standard fur tool.


thanks for your comments so far! :smiley:


Hi Till! Concept is hilarious and the characters are all crazy. The progress will be cheerful I guess. Good luck! Cheers!


Hey Till, woooow, awesome work!! I love it !! and the concept is cool and really funny!! and the charcter design for the bumblebees is superb!!:thumbsup: Good luck ! and i cant wait for more updates


Here I tried to use a glass board, but I think I will switch to white ceramic. The fur is still missing. I am also tweaking the perspective and tried different angles, but this diagonal composition was the best so far.


I added the tiles, the teeth and the fur, but there is much more work needed with the quality of normal maps and texture maps, lighting and overall composition, the insects eyes and the bathroom background. The reflected fur in the mirror is also still missing.


Here are some viewport screenshots to demonstrate the structure and size relations of the scene.