Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Subhendu Behera


Greetings Subhendu,

Wonderful work! Very inspiring 3D models, textures and lighting, but perhaps to increase the look of pleasure on the mantis (and ensure that the concept of a music loving bug) could be visualized by posing it in a human leisure pose, propped on its back by the head phone maybe with its arms behind it head really getting into the music. So the viewer could really get these details move the camera closer to the bug.



haha, this is cool, made me laugh, nice and simple concept, and it looks great. Fantastic modelling by the way!


Verry nice :thumbsup: Adding some DOF to the scene will make all more real.


It was bit long time since I had posted my last work in progress. Below image is my latest work in progress image.


oye subhendu! :scream: kaise ho?? :stuck_out_tongue: yup i agree with Nomad :wink: … adding Depth of field will make it more real than ever! … have you used a plugin called depth of field generator pro?
its mindblowing! :eek:

check out each and every page on this site! … very very valuable stuff there regarding depth of field and other things as well :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck as always dude! :thumbsup:


Thanks Neville, Thanks for adding suggestion of DOF. In my final image I will definitely add this.


Thanks Maciej, thanks again for encouraging me. Definitely I will add some DOF on the final image.


Thanks Korendo, Thanks again for giving me inspirational idea. It’s a great idea man.


Thanks Rodolfo, thanks brother.:slight_smile:


Subhendu…nice work dude!i like the whole scene…specially the modeling part…amazing


Thanks laltu, thanks man for giving me inspirational coments.


Gr8…i think you will work on depth field…right?


Ya, I am doing that…


Hey man… very nice concept it is. Specially I like the rendering. And very funny also … one mantis is listening music… ha ha ha ha ha…:):):slight_smile:

Keep it up…waiting for see the final image. Cheers…


Thanks brother, thanks for having such coments from you…:slight_smile:


hello Subhendu…
Good Concept and Good Render…
Excellent Job
Keep it Up…
Best Luck:thumbsup:


Thanks Gaurav, Thanks again for having such comment from you.:slight_smile:


Currently I am doing my final render. It will take more 2 days for finish. Than I hope to submit my final image.


Thanks guys…:slight_smile:


One day I had a dream of this concept. I was listening music from my computer, for a while I was away from my PC for coffee. Than when I was return to my desktop I was wandering that a mantis is acting like listing music from my headphone.

So I was trying to show the picture that I had visualized.