Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Subhendu Behera


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Latest Update: Final Image: This is my final image.


hey subhendu good luck and wating for yur concept sketch…:thumbsup:


This is my concept sketch for CG Society Strange Behavior Contest. I am trying to show that, an innocent Mantis hearing music from a headphone when it is lying alone.


Yesterday I have done this headphone for my Musix concept.


This is wireframe render of my headphone.


I have just finished the model of Mantis, this screenshot taken from viewport. now I can concentrate on texturing.


This screenshot taken from viewport with wireframe mode.


this is gonna be super sweet. keep up the amazing job. cant wait to see the textures.


I like your model… nice bug!


Thanks, Slav & Redguy. Thanks for your precious comments and for your valuable time to post some encouraging comments.


hello Subhendu! :stuck_out_tongue: awesome concept dude! n fine details! :eek: really looking forward to ur work!
cheers! :beer: n good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks Neville, thanks for encourage me.

Some people like you gave their precious encouraging words to my creation. This is much valuable for me than win this contest.


This is my current work in progress image. I am planning to enhance it more.


Nice concept and modeling so far!
I think you could push your concept a little more though. Maybe it would be interesting to have the “praying” mantis listening to something religious by showing a video playing on the monitor, maybe of the pope speaking or of a church choir singing. Then you could put the mantis in its praying position.
-OR- you could make it so he’s listening to something like heavy metal, something with devils and such and you could make him look like he’s headbanging.
I’m just trying to think of things that could help the concept a little. It is strange that an insect is listening to headphones, but I think you need to add another reason why.
Just some thoughts! Good luck with the contest!


I like the ambience you are building, calm silent evening with music playing. This is where my suggestion comes in, In this enviroment i think it would be great to have more than one mantice just calmly laying around listening :slight_smile: Understand my thought? The model for the skin pads on the headphones need to be softerlooking and a little bit irregular. but maybe thi is already planned for?

Have a nice day! Cheers


Excellent modeling, shading and render !
Great job Subhendu !


Composition works well, modelling looks awesome! The tricky part will definitely be to make it obvious right away that the mantis is listening music, which is kinda hard since you’re going for a pretty realistic scene, and real mantises (spelled that right?) don’t have that much of what we call facial expression. But great concept! Looking forward to what you’ll come up with next.


hahahaha… funny idea. good luck! see you later.


Thank you very very much Kathleen, Linus, Gilles & David for your valuable encouraging words towards my creation. I am so glad to have some replies like yours in my forum thread. Again thank you all very much. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My latest Update about strange behavior is: I am currently rigging the mantis for proper posing.