Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Shreya Shetty


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: doodling


welcome to the challenge and best of luck.wud follow ur thread.:thumbsup:


Yeah yeah yeahhh ! The goddess of skin finally joined the challenge ! Can’t wait to see what you’ll create for us ! :thumbsup::bounce:


so when are you going to show us somehting… ? please enter. love your work


Just doodling really.I thought I’d draw a crossdressing alien, hehehe. A real badass commander general, lord of the fleet, ravager and destroyer of planets and star systems blahblah spending some quality time at home with his pretty little teddybear having a perfectly delightful little tea party.
I hope that’s strange enough behaviour :wink:
Anyway, as all self respecting sci-fi/fantasy artists -must- have a tentacley piece in their portfolio, I guess this will be mine. I did another doodle at work with him sitting in a rather effeminate way on a stool/chair, will upload later! I thought I’d show a mini sculpture of him in his macho commander like pose in the background, maybe a hologram of the galaxy - something to provide clues to his job. On him, I thought I’d add some jewelry, some drapery, fishnet stockings over the tentacles maybe…who knows :wink:
The final composition won’t be so cramped of course. Any thoughts, ideas, comments are most welcome! Thanks


Eek, how rude of me >.<

CUBISIS: Thank you so much, Rishi! This should be fun :slight_smile:

CyborgJA :muah Thanks for the wonderful welcome girl! Goddess of skin? Hahahah hardly! I can’t wait to see your progress!

W-I-L: Your wish is…:wink: Thanks!


love your sketch… and idea is excellent. cant wait for more


Hi Iridyse!!!
REally digging your work and univers!
Cool idea and me curious to the next steps.
MAybe could be cool to have some guardian(his bodyguards or so…)around holding his laugh(as he would be killed ofcourse,if he’s seen).yap,just thinking up loud again,haha.
Me having a seat here!:beer:


Shreya, great concept! I just can’t wait to see it in colors!! :bounce:

I’ll be following your process, it’s a pleasure to see your work!




OHHHHHH I love this concept!

Well, I’ve nothing to tell you about the subject but in my opinion you have to add a little bit of “air” and space on left edge, in order to put it more to the top-left focus centre.

Can’t wait to see more ! :drool:


lovely concept shreya!! :love:me a fan of ur work! :smiley: love em all! waiting to c from u!

cheers! :beer:


Haha, have you seen “Startdust”? if not, i’ll say no more.
So definitely weird! maybe I need a tentacle piece too:D


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