Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Shawn Wood


I like the roughness. I think it looks like it could be a traditional painting…more so than most of the stuff on here. Great! (love the fish)


congrats! very good image, I like it a lot!!!
but imho, the background needs more detail.


Notes on closeup image


I had submitted the final image and washed my hands of the whole thing for awhile now. I wasn’t happy but just didn’t think I would have time to fix it and wasnt exactly inspired on what to do.

I’m showing a co-worker the image just the other day telling him I wasnt real fond and wish I could change direction to something I’m more comfortable with, then I get an email that says they extended the deadline two weeks!

So, here you have it. New direction that I’m much happier with. It reelects what I had in some of the earlier sketches much better I think.


well, is good to see you have a fresh re-start, that will surely improve your piece or just fit it better with the image in your head. and thats always the hard thing to do…

see you around! good luck!:thumbsup:


Wow man you did such a good job on the last final. And to come back to improve close to the end really speaks volumes. You have such a great base image to launch your new additions and changes, I am interested to see the final results. Good luck dude.


Lovely work so far, and all the best for this fresh “push” to the image! I sympathise with the “I’ll finish/I won’t” feeling btw… :wink:


She rides through the valley.
She rides a machine of death.


really cool final image! The style is nice. As far as comments go, I would say just push it to the next level with a bit more detail. For example, the robot with similar sharp lines and definition as the woman would really push it up. But anyway, the anime style on this rocks! very Jason Chan-ish…


nice! i am really happy to see you rework the image! its a really great concept man. keep going!


Really nice flow and painterly feel to you work and she looks great. Congratulations and best of luck


Glad you went back to it! :slight_smile: Interesting fine piece. Good Luck!


Wow, very nice illustration, soft colors, poetic athmosphere :thumbsup:
I like it very much!
great work!


as said before,it’s a nice painterly style!! it’s a intriguing idea too,a manga like girl riding a robot and surrounded by fish??!! that’s so cool and unexpected!good luck on the final judgement,and visit my thread if you have some wishes!


Wow! I really love your application of color :slight_smile: Very graceful figure and excellent mood. Your image is very easy to look at. You have done an amazing job. Congratulations and best of luck!:thumbsup:


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