Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Shawn Wood


This is exellent, i like mood and atmosphere, colours, well everithing about it.

I’ll watch this tread




I agree! Heh, lets hope i can pull it off. I might end up adding another fish (or element) in as well, which may lend its self to a bit more depth.

Thanks for the support!


lovely,seems like u’ve got everything spot on!:thumbsup:nice going mate,hope to see this futher develope


wow starting to look nice. but i wonder what sort of phenomenon that causes fish to fly in the air like birds? i have seen fish jump out of the water but not fly, anyway it must be part of element of being strange so i think your image very fitting to the theme.


Added some tone. Removed some clouds/fog from the middle (next to the death-bot of dooming’s head). They were cutting a horizontal line right in the middle of the composition. Added some purples for depth and color along with various other lighting bits.

Whats next? Need to tighten the image up, work on the fishes more. Maybe add some stuff in the far background for more depth?


nice one, loving the format! Great colors as well!


Great one! The theme, the fish crossing the air, the girll and the robot… very well done. I like the tone color so much, good election.Good Luck!


Thanks for all the great comments!

Progress goes. The face on the girl has been giving me some trouble, I think I’ll work on it for a bit.

Someone told me about “Linda’s Brushes” which, I’m trying out now. Working out kinda nice. I really need to play with brush types more. Just something that never really occured to me to play with sense most of the time (day job) I work at such a low rez that it doesnt matter.

More updates otw I’m sure. :slight_smile:


the head was really bothering me, taking a different approach.


yes head is muhc better… i like your painting very nice


Great brushstrokes - really looking forward to seeing your working method from start to finish


Software: Photoshop

This is it. The final image!

Rabbits and Robots!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Its pretty much all photoshop. I did a thumbnail on my lunch break on a scrap of paper. This no longer exists due to it being eaten by the washing machine. As you can see I tend to start with the line drawing- then start painting away. First, blocking out a palette. Then blocking out some basic lighting. Then just work it up. Paint in texture- and work it in. Rense and repeat untill satisfied.

In this image, I attempted to take a more painterly approach to it. I tried to stick to using more textured brushes in order to kep that raw feel to it.

I really enjoy the fishes and the robot in this. They have a really nice feel to them. Free flowing, but still have mass. I’m fairly happy with that.

Anyway, I had fun! Thanks for alll the support and I’m looking forward too seeing all the entries!



congrats! why is the title rabbits and robots though? for the life of me i do not see rabbits.


Very good work, i love it.
My congratulations !!!


cool stuff. however, my only comment is that this image looks more like a sketch that is unfinished. kind of wish you would do more with it.

best of luck though.


awesome image! Congratulations on ur final piece, u finished it very early in the competition. I wouldnt mind seeing some parts of the image a bit more detailed and polished, but thats honestly just a matter of personal opinion. Other than that is great, techniqually and the subject itself! good luck!


awsome image! the giant robot looks wicked. and your gold fish are so awseom love the was you made the dress match the goldfish!


It is really coming along beautifully!! Bravo :slight_smile:


i love the rough style! nice mood and overall look… all the best!


Wow, this is very cool, I really like the concept and the piece. Nice work.

Ken David Matheson

Strange Behavior Entry