Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Shawn Wood


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Latest Update: Final Image: Robots and Fishes


This is about as pre-visual as it gets!

other sketch versions


Intiquing start Shawn.


trying different compositions. I think I’ll stick with a vertical one.


It looks interesting! … but I must say, I don’t really know what it’s supposed to represent for now… can you fill us in…?

Good luck =)


At the moment, it is conceptually nonsnese. A visual representation of mental vomit spewed forth in (hopefully) astheticaly appealing form. The base thought is one of balance, and strange relationships. The images will evolve as I follow the path untill stumble upon something I deem to stop and admire. At which point I will bring slighty more order to the image and represent it in a format more suitable for public viewing.


Okay, finally got a composition I like here. I like the others- but they were a bit too much… dream scape. Not enough narrative value for this contest I think.


Some color


the girl in the image must have been feeling like she is inside the aquarium!
But nice sketches as it makes you think while looking at those images.


Great idea.


Hey, really cool idea, dig the whole gold fish vibe, cant wait to see more.


Close up of in progress


I love your fish! and the concept is great! Her dress is going to look amazing - what type of fabric are you going for?


Thanks :slight_smile:
Just a cotton dress, with a print I suppose. Light and comfy :slight_smile:


interesting image shawn, best of luck here.


made some good progress today :slight_smile:


coming along really well.My personal opinion will be to balance the picture with some mechanical or robotic stuff ,may be fishes with mechanical body or some thing like that .otherwise everything is gelling in nicely.will surely follow ur thread.
Best of luck for the challenge.:thumbsup:


onthing I noticed after posting was I lost some tone contrast i had in the early version. I think I made the killing machine of doom a bit too light. Also want to add some orange backinto the mountains in the Back Ground.


Woow is really good!!

I think the fish swimming away is gonna be your big chance to give the whole scene a wonderful sense of depth!!

Keep it coming!!


Looks like such a romantic piece, loved your style, makes me happy and sad at the same time. good luck!