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Hello all, As you can tell its an empty space, I am currently working on my painting. I found out about this just recently and was deciding not to enter this time, but decided friday I wanted to give it a go; and yea i know i dont have much time. So been working on it quite a bit and hope to finish before to runs down. As i can see their are so many amazing peices in already.



This was my conceputal stage, here i had ideas of which animals to use, and was looking for ballerina poses aswell as just making up poses, then i creted a couple of thumbnails, but this was the one i picked…sry for scanning quality cheers


This is the one the i choose to stick with. I did end up switching a few arm poses later down the road. but this was the general idea of what the final outcome would be like… cheers…, again sry for all the images coming at once. I just recently started and completed the image…otherwise if i had know a couple of a months ago, it would of been different


This is pretty much the stage where i found out my color theme, and the process of indicating where light will be coming from, was still deciding but with color i found certain arm poses to be akward…cheers


Here i added the lighting source, i did end up swithcin hand poses amd style of hand, but something was still werid, but i started seeing more faults as i progessed… but main theme was coming along, cheers


Here i found many mistakes or posing difficulties i didnt like, i did few fixes on this image, but a lot more were adjusted as i progressed otherwise. But i still retained the same image. I added more texture and lighting as a fixed posing, cheers


I just choose the wrong milestone, sry for the repost…not sure if it mattered


I hope this time milstone says concept sketch, sry sry


Sry for the reposts of the pre-conceptual stuff, i had some loading problems, kept on freezing, but heres image i ended up with that had the basic posing and coloring done, before the final image was rendered out with textures and a bit more detail… cheers


This is my final image, the story is about animals taking ballerina class, the teacher looks upon its students. There are many situiations, lion being the male, and gorilla and elephant being the female, look upon the lion. As the teacher watches on. The idea fouces on how we control animals to what we want them to do but at the same time its strange for animals to be taking ballerina classes, together if anythin lol… i’m sure certain animals have done the ballerina dance


Story is written in the previous post, i promise no more retouches


Final image for submission


Hey Roop, nice concept and cool image. Really nice poses, I like a lot. Congratulations on your finished image and good luck! Cheers :beer:


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