Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Richard Lim Boon Keat


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Latest Update: Final Image: Ready!


Just did a really rough sketch to lay down my ideas on paper. I did 3-5 sketches; from the initial 1st sketch to the last sketch shown in the image.

In my mind, Once upon a night, there’s a Mr.Firefly who secretly hides in his favourite tin-can to play with shadows with his luminous abdomen. He might think it’s a One-Bug-Show, but there are some onlookers outside…


Great idea, want to see more!
7-days left you can make it!
Rock on!


I’ve brought the thumbnail into Photoshop, and upsized the image to A3 size 300dpi. Maybe that’s a bit too big, but I can always make it smaller if it’s too heavy on my PC.

The first thing I did was to put down some rough colors, and experimenting with the lighting effect from the glowing belly. After looking at some real firefly images, I’ve decided to stick to a greenish glow. I might modify it later, if I happen to find some other interesting color. The bluish sky from outside the tin-can seems to work pretty well and gives some dimension to this image.

I don’t really mind seeing the thumbnail sketch lines, as I will paint over them progressively. One thing that I’m not too keen is the overwhelming greenish hue. I think I need to add some other color just to balance the image and make it visually less monotonous.


creative idea, really like it! Hurry up, looks promising! :slight_smile:


Just busted out another refinement on the image; I’ve started to clean-up the sketch lines by painting over them, and it’s starting to show a nice painterly look.

Not much changes to the overall color scheme, just tweaked the glow to have an even greener hue. I made Mr.Firefly to sit on top of some decayed leaves, which I think helps to provide a nice ground element as well as providing a nice brownish-red colour against the greens.
His butt ends in a round knob now, and helps to portray a more friendly personality.

Back to the drawing board…no time to lose!


Awww so adorable! Made me smile :slight_smile: Good Luck with it!


I’m not sure where does my “Line Art” milestone is, but I assume it’s when someone is about halfway done with the image. That’s where I am now, in which I’ve further refined the image by painting over the rough color work done previously and tightening all the edges (so that no sketch line are visible).

To make the mood of the image more magical and whimsical, I’ve added some light rays shooting upwards from Mr. Firefly’s belly, and covered the bottom so that the lights are more focused to shine upwards. A few thin slits of the bottom allows some glow to escape and shine the ground.

For the next step, I’ll continue to put more texture details and maybe find even more ways to enhance the magical mood of the image. It’s tweaking…tweaking
tweaking time.


Great progress on your illustration! The texture you’ve added on the ceiling is subtle but very well done. The reflections of red you’ve been working on in the latest step have really added to the dimension. I’m very curious to see the next step after all the tweaking. It’s a very cute idea and wonderful composition :slight_smile:


This leaves me smiling. Very cool image!!:thumbsup: Very clever, nice imagination.


Great composition and lighting, and concept is sweeeet. How about adding an admiring worm passer-by or other little gribblies who are enjoying the shadow puppet show? Mind you not long left now…will look forward to the finished piece!



Great lightning! This one is funny!


I’ve added those details to the image, and it’s about done now. I’m still not really satisfied with the image yet, so I’ll see if I can do something in the next couple of hours.

To coolkonrad, Hideyoshi, Nemesix, KPetrasko, Hiun, Quills; thank you for your comments and encouragement :slight_smile:


Really nice idea !


It’s done now! I’ve made some nice changes to the image, and now i’m quite satisfied with it. I kept thinking what was lacking with the image, and I realize it was just too plain. So, I’ve put in some dew inside the can, and it helps a lot in making the tin-can’s celing and walls look more interesting. Then, I’ve added some stripes and dots to the character’s body and arms, which makes him look more cartoonish but at the same time a more compelling character that really lives in his fantasy world.

After getting a friend’s feedback, I’ve then completely re-painted the character’s head so that he’s more 3 -dimensional and has spherical realistic eyes now. I’m really happy the head turned out nice, and helps a lot to make me believe that he’s now a real character!

Some other minor changes were some tweaking on the sky color by having more vibrant blues, greener hues on the character, and more red hues on the ground leaves.
I hope you like my work, and hopefully brings a smile.

The story: Once upon a night, Mr.Firefly secretly flies to his favourite tin-can among the fields and hides there alone. He doesn’t hang out with his friends outside to play, because he’s got a hobby. A night time secret hobby to be exact. He has been quietly playing with shadows with his luminous abdomen for quite some time. Although he might think it’s a One-Bug-Show, there are some onlookers outside…


OOOOHHH grat stuff I love the mood and bright colors! This is a really witty concept!! Sorry I haven’t been around!

Well done Richard:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Very nice image! I really love the mood and colours. And the firefly is very well designed too.
Love it.


Well done! Love the final turnout! Brilliant idea and execution!


Nice work! love the subtle humor - well done


Hey Richard, wonderful, amazing and funny concept, I love it !! hahahaha really great!! :thumbsup: Congratulations for your awesome concept mate!! Best of luck !! :slight_smile: