Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Reb Capper


Same goes for me… didn`t get the lemming idea at first… maybe if you choose a cam more from bottom to top watching the cliff edge where they jump of. Besides I still like idea Nr.1 :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks for comments Theuni and Icedeyes. I agree the comp could be improved eg: with the long thumb at the bottom of pic, but the problem is in making it more immediate and obvious to people. You both confirmed what I suspected anyway so cheers for feedback.

I had yet another idea last night which I really loved so we’ll see how that turns out. Maybe that will make the decision for me!



Finally an idea I think I would enjoy painting as well as hopefully fitting the brief. Sadly it doesn’t make me chuckle like the lemmings or human-ogram, but hopefully it will make me stare up at the little fellow’s sticklebrick / lego castle with awe and wonder and say ‘Woah, that’s cool’. I may have the mum dropping her tray of cakes / cookies in shock at the result of her son’s afternoon playtime, thus the two trays.

Feedback would be muchly appreciated - any hints on how to expand on his epic creation / achievement or exaggerating the drama of the composition / perspective.



superb concepts i must say! finding it really difficult to choose the best one! :cry: :eek:

but i think … the lil kid with the lego blocks n all looks really promising … :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce:
i like the way u executed the ‘looking up’ effect :smiley: … in other words :stuck_out_tongue:
great sense of scale :eek: looking forward to ur work!

cheers mate! :beer: good luck! :thumbsup:


The last conept trully looks great Reb but it would take a great amount of work to pull this off (little bricks everywhere and all)… If you build on this, it could become a masterpiece… The mom in the foreground helps a lot… This is your best idea so far imo…


really nice idea… maybe for the impact you could place a large pill of lego stones to the right of the picture instead of this box of legos. It would help the viewer to recognize from were the boy gets supplied :slight_smile: icedeyes is right this image could get very detaild work… keep going great work so far :thumbsup:


Cheers guys :). You’re right this is really gonna spangle my eyes!! Release the jam jars! I think my approach will be detailed blocks in the foreground and more of an ‘impression’ of bricks in the background… here’s hoping that works.



Wow, lots of activity since I was last here! Love the composition on the latest piece - the scale really makes me feel like I’m looking up, craning my neck!

Just make sure you dont start seeing lego everywhere you look :slight_smile:


The latest one is nice - I also like the Octopus/Ink concept - good luck!



I vote for the octopus, it’s a great concept.


this concept has great potential .just need to execute it well and on time.Best of luck:thumbsup:


Crikey I havn’t worked on this for yonks - bit too busy and now I’m trying to rework it fast so I can have a go at the final image this weekend. I’ve been fiddling with the compostition some, trying to make it a bit more dramatic and tell the story a little better. The branches in the foreground should help to add to the perspective and I’m still trying to get the mum right. It’s hard to express the mother’s surprise and awe with her back to us but I hope to capture a hint of an expression and the hand’s postitions should accentuate this, along with the falling tray of cookies / muffins. Mm…I’m hungry…<BR>Behind the picket fence there lies a pile and a box of lego bricks, I’ve lost space for my sand pit, but hope the little bike and swing make up for it. Comments most welcome!


A bit messy but getting there now. No time to faff anymore anyhoo, so it’s on to the colouring rather swiftly!!



Blimey I’ve got some way to go…but I’ve started blocking in and I am beginning to refine a few details. I probably won’t sleep until I have to hand my homework in, but hey ho, I slept last year. Got tonnes of work to do on the mountains at the top so may have a go at these later. Any top tips welcome!



VEry interesting concept you have here. :scream: Takes me back to the old days of lego building … of course the constructions back then didn’t look as neat as this…
Yeah from what i can imagine you still have some distance to go… … Good luck keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Starting to come together but it’s gonna be a close one! Loads of work to do on the castle wall and towers over the moutain range which I’ve yet to begin…lord spare me…




Very cool! The main point is this amazing baby making this very grand castle, but the gate is blocking some of the critical view of this all-important character. My eyes go up on this composition so you need to draw them to the baby to some extent. Then of course some quick Lego like textures on lower steps to suggest that the whole thing is made of Legos. Soon we can all rest. Almost there. Best of luck.


Hokay…so I still have loads to do but the lighting is starting to shape up a bit better.
I moved the baby up on to the step so that he’s a bit more central and turned the woman so that she takes less attention away from the castle and baby. The owl is now looking at the baby too which helps lead your eye towards the genius kid.
I still have plenty to do with the castles in the background, the woman’s hair, the pile of lego bricks and other details, not to mention of course the texture of lego bricks everywhere which I really can’t wait to do…ahem…
I just hope I can still see at the end of it.

Comments welcome to come inside and have a cup of tea with me. Very thirsty…



You have been very busy and productive. The baby is much easier to see! But could the lady have a finger kind of pointing at the baby? This is one of those rare occasions when I wish (from a work flow stand point) that the building was make in a 3D program so you could use seamless Lego textures that could be made to fall into scale, lighting and perspective with far less effort. You could then paint on top of that building render. Maybe make a 2D Lego brush, or some seamless Lego textures?

All the best on this wonderful and inspiring image! :slight_smile:


Yet another colouring but nearly there now thank goodness. Some details are still a bit screwy and need rejigging but it looks like I should finish in time at least, which is just as well because I’m rather fed up of it now!

Cheers Korendo for the crits. Sadly there is no time for 3d-yery now and I love my paintbrush, however I have been back and forth with the position of the mother’s hand. Its back to where it was originally and perhaps helps draw the eye towards the baby more but still needs some work.

Comments welcome…!