Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Reb Capper


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Latest Update: Final Image: Early Learning, Late Evening


So I had a quick think at lunchtime today and this is what I have so far.

My favourite at the moment is the fancy dress shop for monsters with the big human suit in the window. Ultimately though I’d rather be working on a more epic environment piece as I’ve done a lot of character pieces recently. So the brain blasting continues. I’m sure my eventual design will look a lot different to these thumbs but hey ho. Its good to practise doing speedy thumbs.

Any comments welcome - or if you want to vote on your favourite so far! Thanks,



Lovely twists…i like them all, but the “Human-o-gram” for the Gorillas was the one that stood out.

They are all clever…good luck.



very nice ideas each one could be developed


Great concepts! The ink refill squid is easily my fave! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more of your ideas.


Made a couple of additions to these thumbs, but have started on some more thumbs today as I’m still not convinced by any of these. Hope to get some more ideas up later today if I get a chance!


the lower left one is my fav so far… i like the other ideas too but that one is really good…


Another quickish concept. I didn’t like any of the others so I’m just uploading this one.
Here the tooth fairy has gone a bit bonkers and is leaving all her wealth to this one lucky boys pillow. I did think about her depositing a wheelbarrow of dung instead, but I’m not sure she’s evil, just bonkers. The helpful elves are exhibiting strange behaviour of their own. From having a crafty fag (I guess it’s the pressure of the recent ban - hurray!)to tickling and napping. I could always make it more outrageous and have them doing lines of coke on the pillow… However I think I’m gonna continue on the brainstorm. Want to find something that I will really enjoy painting as well as fitting the subject theme like a glove.

Like a glove.


your last update so kewl. I love this cute vermin. also you show great atmosphere!
Good Luck )


Hi Reb, I really like this last concept with the tooth fairy… the lightning mood already is promising and the concept full of possibilities. How about adding some drunken strange behaving elves. Something like oups there is a boy with a tooth job but instead of doing their job right they are having a big party :slight_smile:


Oh awesome! I just love your tooth fairy idea! great colors, layout, style, idea! Weee! Will stay tuned! looks fun!


this sounds nice… i love the sketch…


beautiful concept on the latest ones:)keep it coming,i’m looking foward to more updates


Cheers for the encouragement guys.
Theuni - Yeah I had loads of ideas for putting naughty elf behaviour into the pic - empty beer bottles, playing cards / gambling and so on, but I am still having other ideas so was keen to get on to the next one! Seems a shame to leave it now so I might finish it anyway.
I had another idea last night though - I’ll try and post a sketch later to gauge feeling towards the new one. I think I prefer it but we shall see…

Tally ho!


really glad i found this one. sweet comp but i cant really make out details. but i guess that will have to wait for later. :slight_smile:


i like your tooth fairy idea…i feel like the guy should be missing all his teeth :slight_smile:


All the activity in this is great and the style is really atmospheric! I’ll be back to see how it develops :slight_smile:


Magical so far, Reb. I’m really looking forward to seeing it progress.


Still having ideas and still not quite there yet but managed to finish a quick sketch over the weekend of my most recent.

I tried this out on my housemate she didn’t seem to find it funny. I explained that it was the crazy humans jumping off cliffs and the lemmings watching them with confusion and wonder. ‘Do lemmings jump off cliffs?’ she said… Needless to say she is now out on the street.

I think perhaps some of my earlier thumbnails are better comps but there could be some fun storytelling in this one. I remain unconvinced so will hopefully have another thunk this week…

Crits welcome on this one though - eg: is it easy to get? Defining a look that says ‘lemming’ is hard enough so I thought I’d have one looking disinterested and reading James Pond by Ian Lemming at the front of the pic. Well, it made me smirk…


I LOVE the lemming idea BUT i didn’t get it at first glance… i had to read through your post to understand what was going on… If you don’t go with the form that lemmings had in the game, i think most people will not identify them easily… they look great just as they are but they are not recognisable…

Just my thoughts