Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Ralph King


Fernando – thanks for once again stopping by, always great to hear from you. Lady Dalila can contact the Presley Plumbers just outside of Superfund site 12, at Graceland, TN, USA, just look for the warped palm trees with X-mas lights and giant hermit crabs. She may want to hold the event outside considering the stuff they have been standing in all day.

BlackCandy – wonderful to hear from you (the pickle people say hi) thanks for the kinds words


Frezetta’s Influence: Post WIP depicting some of Frezetta’s great painting with my abnormal interpretation slanted toward the unusual and humorous.


Jeeez man , I really can’t find the message I posted here a while ago!! what happened?:shrug: please dont think I oversaw you picture, That would be a tremendously hard thig to do, It really stands up! Nice to see the originals besides your rendition of em’ !! there were some of them I couldn’t remenber well…
Damn, those pickes still creep the heck out of me!! I wish they are well dead now…:smiley:

Geat work pal!! dirty work but … you know…:smiley:


Gabriel – Thanks for the kind words (though the Pickle People and concerned) :scream:


Time to repost my final so no one thinks I made a collage. Artist statement already posted. All the best


Wicked weirdness and paranormal plumbing…the texture / light on his leather jacket looks really good and the guy on the left in zombie mode is great. Well done on your magnificently Strange-behaved piece!!

Is he singing ‘Love me tender?’ :wink:


Indeed, really wicked, haha!!!Maybe something in the foreground left bottom could bring in even more deepness.Anyway congratz on finishing a ronffll pic man!Cheeerssss RAlph!


Well I just phone the company and they are still not here :surprisedNo wonder why … They are here! arrg! :banghead: I still got this pond in my bathtub! my freaky cat wont stop swiming in it! Those little darn pickles! Catch them all! :wip:Uuh! Maybe could be this a future a videogame!yay!:smiley:

Ralph! I want to thank you for the support help and much more for the talent, artwork and friendship you share with all of us! And since I can speak better from me! Thank you! I wish you no less than the best outcome in all your projects!:applause::buttrock::thumbsup:


In many ways it pains me that the competition is over, and the interaction is going to slow down for now, until the next competition.

    Reb Capper – Thanks for the kind words and support, all the best on your design and illustration work :)

    Remko – You are a cut above, in more ways than one.  :thumbsup: Even with an extremely hectic life you manage to share so much with so many.  I have heard from a very old man (near death) that the hectic times were the best of times when you look back. 

  Alex – you are amazing moving from Canada to Mexico and continuing to work and interact.  A large purple octopus landed in my cesspool in my backyard and has been most helpful in cleaning up some of those pesky Pickle People.   Thanks for the insights and support, all the best to you for your art and studies.  :applause:


Hey man thanks for the infinite support and interest. challenges like these need people like you, or people like me wouldn’t challenge themselves as much. Thanks again for the friendship! In this dirty bussiness, it must be hard to stay clean… :smiley:


Hi Jeff,

At least we got to share this cool contest (before the green clode gets us)… Thanks for the hundreds of hours on art and online interaction. All the best to you


you one more time for all you support man!Congratz on finshing a great ronfl pic again and hope well meet up again next time!CHeers friend!:beer:


All the best to all great artists! If this is a holiday season in you part of the world I hope it is a happy one.

 Hope also that they make the Abnormal Contest an annual event, it is a really fun forum for creative ideas.


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