Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Ralph King


Elvis I must admit there is something special about Elvis that you can never go wrong with!:beer:


Hahaha! The image is funny as well as the title :smiley:
I like how the sky has similar colours with the swamp-ish water.
Good luck!


Christopher – (Wearing huge fake sideburns, sun-glasses, holding a toilet plunger and with a bad Elvis accent Ralph said) Thank you! Thank you very much! It is really nice that you stopped by, thanks!

Ilinca - Great having you stop by, and thank you for the words of comfort.


Greaat! sky and looks great the upgrades on the King! what Rock Star! looks great! :surprised:) :thumbsup: Ralph, HURRAY! yay:applause: you deserve a party! once you are tired from all that great work you are must wellcome to go and stay over an awsome tropical holiday! :rolleyes: I have some ideas were that might be… haha!
Great to keep always on eye in your ideas! Looks Great! you captured all the mood!:thumbsup:


Well, I don’t know about you, but after this challenge I certainly feel purged. Great job and crazy write up. And as payback :stuck_out_tongue:

Plungers are red
Sewerage is brown
Even when knee-deep
The King wears the crown

(sung to the tune of schglucka, schglucka, schglucka)


Boy I love being able to update the “final”. just a very tiny tweak. Original artist statement previously submitted.


Axel - Thank you again for your kind words, useful suggestions and support. All the best on your last push to the finish. Look forward to the virtual beach

David – (big smile) Oh yes, nothing quite as refreshing as a moon lit night at a cesspool with a plunger. Love the poem! Can’t wait to dig all this raw sewage out of my house.


Wow!great expression and use of colours, good luck in competition!


Jakub – Thanks for the kind words


Update from the Spring Winds Community Association

For months there has been the smell of raw sewerage in our community. The smell is a major problem for our community. We believe it is coming from one house. We are investigating this matter.

There have been several sightings of an unusual person dressed as Elvis holding a toilet plunger in the community. The local police are now searching for this individual.

Some large pickles were found in the community pond. It takes community resources to clear these items from the pond. Please report any unusual activity to our community neighborhood watch commander who is also the renowned Minster of Home Cubicle Protection.


congratulations man! this is so amazingly strange! :scream::eek::bounce::):smiley: me especially love your style! also,if it’s not too late … how about some fog and glow for the moon? just an idea :slight_smile: wishing you the very best dude! :thumbsup: cheers to you! :beer:


Greetings Neville,

Thank you so much your kind words and suggestions. I had tried to make a glow around the moon but then it did not look anything like a Frezetta like sky.


What are you doing on the 3rd page? Someone needs help over the 1st, you should send a few guys over there :smiley:


Greetings Jeff,

 Thanks for added boost that page 1 provides.  The cesspool biz can hard to swallow at times. 

Do you know about how long after the closing date till the judges announce a decision? 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years?


hey Ralph! Your “plumber mix” is very cool! Love the vampire elvis.

Good luck!


Marco - thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement.


more then convay man. you seemed to have captured it quite accuratly.


Slav – Thanks for stopping by and the words of encouragement!


Hey Ralph, Lady Dalila is wondering where she can contact the Presley Plumbers for a Karaoke show in her summer mansion. ( Dinner will be lobster with pickles… ahhh crocs and alligators are allowed :smiley: )


Hello! Your ideas are great!:twisted: I wouldn’t mind going to that show in Vegas man! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: Great Job! All of it, the pickles are so cute! Poor pickles! Best of luck! Wish you the best!