Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Ralph King


Huston its expecting you! already haha!yay! :smiley: well I love the new guy! haha adds more to the history, about the render colors looks great! But something there its still makeing some noice to me;:rolleyes: the render for the ripples in the front were “Mr Elvis” is, they are a bit rough strokes yet. I will expect to see the detail a bit more soft, never mind if it’s still part of the look hahaha ! Great Updates!:thumbsup:


Hey Ralph, NASA is sending Major Tom to check the landing zone … :smiley: ( Mr. Bowie is great, but the king is THE KING :smiley: )
Perhaps a bit stronger rim light on the right arm, right hand and plunger of Elvis, to separate a bit from the pond. And the new pickle is a cool touch !! Again, great work my friend! Cheers :beer:


Huston, Axel has spotted smoothing issues that could have caused a reentry melt down, repairs have been made and FTP sent. Please advise

(NASA) Roger, Delirious Adventurer you are cleared for reentry, but be advised on the arm separation issue, over

10-4, Huston, will proceed with reentry count-down 10, 9, 8…


Casting pickles before wine, women and song? Ballsy, busty and fantastically absurd. My favourite is the little guy face down in the soup, but I’m rooting for the other little fella making for stage right.

Awaiting splashdown :thumbsup:



Title - Presley Plumbers
Colloquial Title - The King Unplugged


Critical Analysis One - The vision of exuberant power and adventure is manifest by the dynamic interactions of our heroic figures as they pit song and plungers against foul bevies of putrid bile, thus freeing mankind to seek self-actualization. These essential masters of their craft risk all to dispel the unpleasant into the liquid vortex that refreshes the soul.

Critical Analysis Two - Atypical for a Post-Frezettaian period piece, Presley Plumbers exemplifies man’s cannibalization of nature and the unsustainable delusional entropy of our systems and processes, while holding out the hope that “The King” will smite this collective clogging of our essence.

Anthropological Analysis – A full moon signifies the annual ritual to honor the lumpy-bowel-god Rowdoe via the harvest and sacrifice of a downtrodden class. The festive ceremonial dress; makeup and chants are suspected to have contributed to the undoing of the participants as it stirred the interest of giant hermit crabs.

Zodiac Forecast - You will be king for a day! Many others will sit broken hearted, while a rare wind will challenge you to purge a monumental problem. Follow your heart and go with the flow.

From the Elvis Estate Legal Team – The Kings pain is our gain; See you in court bonehead.

From the Burger King Legal Team – Ditto

Contemplation - Will plungers replace swords in fantasy art? Only time will tell. But having made real swords as a child, I can assure you that toilet plungers have gotten me out of more desperate situations than swords have.


Concept/Story - The heroic and monstrous models for Frank Frezetta incredible paintings (listed in credits) have to make a living. Because of having such strong forearms they are naturals for the plumbing profession. They often get together dressed as Elvis and Nancy Sinatra for dancing and karaoke. This combination of skills and interests congealed to create a company called Presley Plumbers.

It is the discordance and ambiguity of such far flung attributes I hope makes this piece interesting and humorous. I mean no disrespect to any of the component characteristics, to Frezetta, Plumbers, Elvis, Elvis fans and any race, ethnic group, or gender, while I do scoff at certain vegetables and microorganisms.
It is fun imitating Frezetta while the subjects imitate Elvis, who at the same time work as pseudo-plumbers battling stinky muck and cartoon pickle people. The pickle people idea came from the Indomitable painting where Conan is chopping up greenish guys.

Composition - I noticed that Frezetta has domes or centralized arches in many of his compositions, with classic triangles. So I added the large moon to help unify the piece. One major issue that Frank Frezetta used is having a major point or actor of focus. Because I am using a set of different major figures from different pieces of art this work does not really have as strong a presences in this regard. The intent is to depict a community of Elvis impersonators and Nancy Sinatra like female plumbers all doing amazing stuff per Frank Frezetta poses and build. I have also found also that the work was too tightly cropped and needed more room to exist. So I added more space around the work to give it more room to breath. Giving subjects room to exist is consistent with Frezetta’s work and with many other master artists for example Rembrandt. I added this additional canvas space as one of the very last steps due to the additional burden the larger file size has on my rather ancient PC. This additional space caused further adjustments to the composition while keeping a centralized triangle.

Color - Using the color schemes from the various backgrounds from the original Frezetta art made the piece look collage-like, so I decided to be more disciplined with the color and picked a orange-brown as a ground and as the dominant color with green being the secondary color. Brown also supports the plumbing context. I darkened the background more that originally designed to help unify the elements; with the added bonus that this is reminiscent of black-velvet Elvis paintings.

Lighting –To give a more consistent look I had to alter some of the shading and shadows for some of the characters compared to the original Frezetta reference work. Chiaroscuro was used to some extent to help isolate figures.

Special thanks for the very helpful comments and encouragement from: JeffParadox (Y. Jeff Treves), Ferx (Fernando Porcel), Thaldir (Tiziano Baracchi) and Axel Alonso. Axel gave me that much needed final bust of guidance and encouragement.


Credits - This image was based on images by Frank Frezetta from the following traditional paintings: Indomitable (dominant figure), Mongol Tyrant (dominant figure), Tiger Woman (women), Escape on Venus (Tiger), Night Stalker, and the women shown in King Kong. Also the likeness of Elvis Presley or Elvis Presley impersonators is repeatedly suggested. 1950’s cartoon food and R. Crumb cartoon food influences (though no cartoon pickle references were used). And last, there of the clothing for the women holds a resemblance to Nancy Sinatra (These Boots) and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. From the text above “the kings pain” is from a series of Burger King advertisements.

The toilet plungers are only intended to represent toilet plungers, not phallic symbols (which would be spooky when you consider that an alien tiger has a plunger). Toilet plungers provided by Plumber World Inc.

No pickles were injured in the creation of this work in accordance with guidance from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Pickle People and The Vlasic Convention.

The Elvis Tiger only has legs on one side of its body; this is typical for this breed.

No endorsement is made regarding greasy hair treatment products.

Ralph King, 2007,


CG Society Collaboration: What a wonderful forum for artist to interact. I like it; it reminds me of the kinship that I experienced in a small Jujitsu class I attended many years ago and greatly miss. I feel I have many new friends, and within that regard I have already won a contest (violin music is heard).

Post early, post often, this rich exchange has enhanced my work, perspective and insights to the production of imagery. Also it surprisingly has revved up my responsiveness to E-mail messages and to work in general.

I will trace scanned work on a fresh layer! Oh the tale of woe and hours spend touching up scribbles and dust.


Now sadly like a cicada I slowly return to the earth. Take care men and women who say “Nee”. Now in my role as Minister of Home Cubicle Protection I again save the planet. Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! I hope to continue our interactions…in our next amazing adventure.


Hey Ralph, wellcome to the Earth my friend !! and thanks, really and sincerly thanks for that wonderful and amazing voyage on your incredible imagination. I enjoyed every step of the journey, and love all the members of the Presley Plumbers Team and the terrible evil pikles :smiley: . Your image is totally cool, and the “Las Vegas a la Frazzetta” atmosphere, is an awesome enviorment for the King unpluggued ! I like a lot the moon on your concept and the beautiful colours on it, a really nice touch on the image.
And what a great artist statement!! I really have a great time reading your awesome statement!! A great bonus on this amazing journey!! Thanks again for share your incredible creativity and imagination !! ( You only miss the credit for the song that sing the King … :smiley: )
Congratulations Ralph for your awesome art work !! Best of Luck !! … and now… cut transmisions to Huston, because is time to plugged many cold beers into a big tequila bottle!! Cheers my friend!! :beer:



HI Ralph,:beer: WOW you finish! AWSOMELY!:cool: Love the pickle guys those fellows are a great characters to have fun within job issues, and the history behind the characters, even though they are from Frazzetta Illustrations, are part of a very fun a peculiar cake that only you could bake! :thumbsup: The ingredients are just a best way to describe your thoughts in the matter, SO FANTASTIC WORK! :arteest: And the way you describe everything is just as exquisite as you colors and ideas I had lots of fun watching some part of you imagination! :applause:And also thank you for been such a great help with me, and a great artist in the community! :wink: Inspiring other like me as well! Thank you so much Ralph! And keep that good energy of art always flowing like as I am sure you will!


David – Thanks for stopping by and for the fun comments.

Fernando - My goodness, a true complement coming from such a great artist. I have a great amount of gratitude for making this a really enjoyable and artistically expansive experience. Thank you so much for your help and support. Now to see what those alligators are up to.

Axel – I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she turns to Scarecrow and says “I will miss you most of all!” It has been a real joy to correspond with you and watch your artwork evolve. I have my virtual zinc oxide on my nose, prescription sunglasses and Herman Monster shoes so I am ready to visit the coolest beach around.


[size=3][color=aqua][font=Tahoma]Elvis Impersonator Union PR Manager - Hey Ralph, I don’t know man, where are those floating musical notes and bubbles that were agreed to? And what’s with the plumber stuff and green pickle guys, where did that come from? What wasn’t in the contract!

Rich, Sorry for the confusion, once we all spent time in Super Fund site 12 I have not been myself. Do you think those giant hermit crabs were real?



Heyyy, Korendo is done with his awesomely strange piece!..

Man, it was a real pleasure to have you in these last few weeks of the challenge. You’ve added so much fun, style, and nonsense to this competition, that one can only appreciate. you’ve done a great job with this image, even in such a short time!! i love the dark feeling it emits through the pastel colors of the muddy world you’ve created. Apart from being a tribute to many great artists, this is a very strange concept in a very entertaining way too, and I’m waiting to see more of your wacky ideas dude! Even though your complex essay forced the boundaries of my english vocabulary at some parts, I had a really fun time reading it buddy… See you next time my friend, at another superb CG event!

Congradulations, and best of luck in the judging system…


National Surveillance Agency

Mr. King your disclosure of the presence of giant hermit crabs at Super fund site 12 is a breach of national security. Redact these statements forthwith or face dire consequences.
Special Agent D

Gee I thought you guys said those crabs weren’t real! How about I promise not to mention it any more?


Good luck :slight_smile:

I loved reading your image text, and the painting is a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I have enjoy the process of this piece and the final result is amazing. The colors and the characters look great and the idea is so humorous. Very well done! And best of the lucks! :smiley:


love the frezetta feel of the image. its definatly weird. i cant really comment on it.


Congrats on your final image Ralph!..Man its definitely Strange and DEEP!:scream:…Cool style and I Digg it!:thumbsup:




Jeff - “you the man”! Thank you for the advice, encouragement, and wit and coming back to visit. The part about doing the image in a short time is a bit of a sore spot, I had started doing stacks of scribbles for weeks, collecting reference materials and had work well underway before I started posting. I took a lot of time off from work and worked till the wee hours (violin music). Loreen my wife thinks I am possessed. Our home internet was ash and trash for some time, we only had intermittent E-mail which Loreen guarded for interactions with family, friends, the kids school etc. Before that my PC had a new OS and hard drive dropped in. After that was fixed I started slowly posting (that is why there is so many color studies in two collective postings) and interacting with others, and what a pleasant surprise this interaction has been. This is the first time I have networked with artist from around the world. It is amazing how well those with English as a second, third or even forth language express themselves, considering I only speak English (Homer Simpson thought bubble, DOE!). I hope to fix up my embryo of a site here and link to you and others.

  Raffy – Thanks “Strange and DEEP” is the desired effect.

Slav – Glad your enjoy the Frezetta feeling!  I really hoped to convey at least some of his essence.

Nemesix – Glad I could sprinkle some sunshine!  Thanks for your kind words!  

  Pearlyking – Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments!

  Larry, Moe and Curly (LMC) - Thank you guys so much for teaching me most of what I know about human interactions.  :eek:


Hey Ralph, about the missing Presley plumber in the sewer, he try a date with Lady Dalila, but she is a bit dangerous than crocs and he ends swimming with them, (I only can hear Egelvidio saying “dinner is served” …I do not know what it referred …:smiley: ) I hope you dont have problems with the [font=Verdana][size=2][color=white]Elvis Impersonator Union :smiley: [/color][/size][/font]

  • Hello, is this Presley plumbers???

We were having major leaks, and everywhere is a mess! Could you send your team as soon as possible???

p.s. we could filter and use some of the mud to put out the CA fire maybe, and even to drink when we run out of fresh water, hope we won’t see those days; but anyway, quick, we need the team right away - it’s disguisting around here!!!


Fernando –I just talked to Rich the Elvis Impersonator Union rep. He did seem distracted and said he had to check a life insurance policy, then he had a smirk that he could not conceal. Humm… (Alway great to hear your commnets and wit!)

    Presley Plumbers – Yes Jeff, since my hairball left me, I have a tale to tell, I walk around with plungers now, at heartbreak cesspool, 
 You make so stinky baby, I get so stinky, I get so stink some could cry.  (This could explain why they have so few customers, and he is singng about the effect of the cesspool!)  (Thanks for stopping by again, playing along with my odd world and lending great insights)

    Environmental Protection Association- Mr. King, thanks for clearing the area of all those large pickles and all those plungers. 
      Go EPA, you guys are great! Thanks for the use of the cesspool at Superfund Site 12.  The decontamination powder is working wonders on the weeping rash, and the pills seem to reduce the visions, dot patterns and voices. Mums the word on those giant crabs (those security spooks sure are touchy about them).  
    NASA @ Huston - The $6,349,569.32 invoice for the reentry fee is a bit steep.  I though you folks did this sort of thing as a public service? How about some coupons?


2nd Final Submission

Refined the final, touched up the triceps area of the singers jacket, and rescaled the several subjects and made minor tweaks to the sky. The jacket odd triceps wrinkle loop is a remnant of the powerful triceps of the Frezetta’s Mongol Tyrant.