Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Ralph King


Greetings Axel,

Thank you once more for the kind words and comments. I would normally paint leather textures and maybe use a photo texture. But I am striving to keep this a Frezetta like painterly work (expect for the lights). So I have not used any textures, or 3d elements.


It’s looking great. I think that was all the composition needed, it’s working beautifully now, waiting for more…


Hi Axel,

With fresh eyes I give the leather jacket a second look…OK your right (of course) about the texture. I thought at first you meant a super detailed effect. But it does still need more refinement in general to look more like leather.

Thanks again,


Hi Ralph- haha ! I know what you meant and I am sure you will add just an extra thing in there to make that look stay and also the idea of the leather, haha you got talent my friend so keep working ! I am sure its only some little detail you need to finish!:thumbsup:


Update on the leather jacket


Hey Ralph, for sure Elvis is the king !! great work!!! I like his expression. superb mate!! And the palms “a la Frazzetta” is a cool touch!!
I dont see eyes on the palmas (perhaps i havent drinked enough tequila… :smiley: ) I only see a evil pickel running away !! :smiley: Again, great work mate !! Cheers!! :beer:


Hi Ralph I see much better the strokes and colors for that great Elvis jacket, but so far the leather seems still a bit to matte I think some high lights will bring up more that texture with out doing anything wrong with the look you are going for :thumbsup:! Witch looks great! Always good stuffs Ralph so almust there:D!!


Axel again thanks for the comments and encouragement! :thumbsup:

Fernando thanks for stopping by again, your earlier comment regarding the perceived scale of the singer is most appreciated.:slight_smile:


WIP – ran a pass on the characters, still need more work on the cannon ball leather shoulder. Next need a pass or two on the background
who said your can’t shine a cesspool (oh that was me, oops).


This looks really good Ralph… The only comment i have so far is that the jawline on the front character might need to be more defined and the sky looks kind of simple compared to the details on the rest of the piece… keep it up



Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestions. I was just working on the sky. While the jaw line was a blind spot!

Thanks again!


Lol very interesting Ralph! The lights on the palm trees is a nice touch!


More WIP – almost there mostly some touch up around the "pond!


This is wonderfully bizarre. I love the heroic exuberance in the figures - it’s great fun. No crits from me - I wouldn’t want to affect the fantastic refreshing strangeness of this painting (Who’d have thought a cess-pool could be refreshing?) :thumbsup:


Greetings Kei,

Thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement.  


All I can say is like wow-man, I like dig what you are saying! Thanks!


Hi Ralph, hahaha! I just noticed the little guy scapeing from the pond, that a noce funny touch! love it!:thumbsup: and I think the pond needs more contrast in order to work better with the moon reflection, but, that might be diferent from yours concept , haha so never mind if it does, but it’s comeing along very Kuhl!:smiley:


Hi Ralph,
Great work, very original. I loved the facial expression of the tiger.


This is going great korendo, i love the moon reflection and the whole pastel feel, so many colors in mud! keep on rocking!


Thanks for the suggestion on the contrast of the reflection, I am struggling with how polished to make this cesspool.


The Tiger is my favorite part too. Thanks for stopping by.


I am up to my hips in muck today, looking to add another dead pickle guy facedown in the water, put just a few last touches. Thanks again for the comments and encouragement.


WIP Almost final…

Huston requesting reentry.
(NASA) affirmative, one more crit pass and you are cleared for reentry, Delirious Adventurer.

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