Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Ralph King


Seconded! (just so that I don’t quote Hiun word-for-word).

Your very special brand of artistic crazyness needs to be adequately shown to the world. Otherwise I’ll just unleash an horde of commando faeries at you, until you see the light and finish your piece… :wink:


Composition - I Stand Like Dandruff on the Shoulders of Giants (I may have heard this saying somewhere else)

Thank you Thildir - Grand Load of the Posts and High Artist Extraordinary for your words of encouragement and the added boast that only Commando Faeries can provide.

I had a titan struggle with the composition; layer’s flying this way and that sparks flying out of my PC. Captain Kirk orders warp nine! Scotty “captain the engines can’t take anymore! Spock “We have entered a illogical dimension.” With the threat of commando faeries pending I know the pressure is on.

Well anyway, not only do I want the figures to resemble Frezetta’s work I want the painting style to be a humble imitation of Frank Frezetta. Much of what exemplified Frezetta’s work are the incredible dynamic figures, classical compositions, strong center of focus, action potential, painterly approach and lack of unneeded detail, among many other positive attributes. At the same time I want to inject the pathos of Elvis, I have added a few palm trees with X-mas lights, a-la Las Vegas or something like that. So how would Frank interrupt his work with Elvis impersonators, and what would Elvis suggest to emphasis his self-image within this context? I stand like dandruff on the shoulders of giants.

Has anyone gotten the mystic FTP upload information?? Is this like the Matrix and we have to crack the code to the Zion Mainframe?


Hahahaha… I felt the same way about the FTP thing. I was told to just get one of the ftp programs, I downloaded a free one which allows a 1GB I believe of upload. I hope I can finish early enough to know if it works or not so I don’t endanger myself. But some info from those who have done it before would be great… Very nice question. But to be honest I am a little in the dark too as I have never used it :shrug:


Has anyone gotten the mystic FTP upload information?? Is this like the Matrix and we have to crack the code to the Zion Mainframe?

I was wondering the same thing, if I recall, last time the FTP uploading was activated about 3 weeks before the deadline, more or less, so it should be just about…now!.. (snaps fingers and waits expectantly).

Thanks Hiun and Thaldir I thought I might have missed a E-mail or was even deeper into the twilight zone.


hehehe… love the Elvis zombies :slight_smile:


Thanks man for stopping by! glad you like my work. Your idea is just so strange, like it and looking forward to seeing more!

See you around


Hi Ralph! about the question I have no idea! but some people do ! and dont want to tell! haha! The way you write its so fantastic! I would want to see all this in animation for sure!:thumbsup: I love that awfull brown water! please keep posting! :smiley:


More WIP, expanded canvas


Hey Ralph, the expanded canvas works really well, I love that the plumbers have more mud for work:D and the palms with lights is a cool touch !! ( Viva Las Vegas!!! :smiley: ). Perhaps the giant presley plumber can carry a sort of lamp ( or show reflector ), or scratching the head with the left hand, only a comment :slight_smile:

And a question, what song is singing Elvis? :curious: :smiley:

Again, really great and cool work!! Cheers :beer:


Bobby, Linus and Axel thanks for the encouragement! Fernando good point on the scale issue for the singer, he is singing, “You ain’t nothing but a Hair-Ball”.


nice update Ralph. Your entry sure looks strange… in a good way!! hehe…


Hi, Ralph

I received the FTP info via e-mail this morning, did you?

Edit: silly me! I just saw the info was posted in the Challenge forum as well…


Hi Ralph,
Me like those nice lights in the palms! :scream: It definitely adds more flavour to the king, and his pump singing instrument, hahaha! Love it, the composition read better to me since there’s a wider canvas and the group tells the history all together, :thumbsup: maybe as a suggestion the sky in some purple hues clouds will help the entire brown palette you got! But then again just a suggestion, I just imagine it at this point; nothing that it’s really needs it!:slight_smile:


Korendo - Looking good buddy, i like your new crop, it gives some more room for things, which works…

You palm trees are great, they really add to the scene and to the concept. I still feel like things are a bit centered in the image, which makes it look like more of a poster design, than an illustration. I guess if I were you, I’d off-center the moon and the close-up elvis towards the right a little, Lady and the tiger towards left, and the left-elvis towards more left. That could help break-up the composition a little bit, now it feels like things are crammed in the middle. keep up the good work!


More WIP


Bobby thanks again for the encouragement. And Thaldir thanks for thinking of me on the FTP upload info (Zion Main Frame Code) .

Alex, thanks I agree the sky was starting to really bug me so I spent some time adding some color to it. Also added reflections in the “pond” and many little touchups. Still more touch ups and detail work to do, also note; this particular moon is in a very low orbit under the clouds.

Just got your latest suggestions Jeff, again you are extremely perceptive thanks I will reflect on them. Looks like a another busy weekend!


oh wow, your colors are coming along great! I’m loving this psychodelic feel the image is getting; well, always loved the psychodelics :smiley: I mean art… hahaha

the reflections and the texture on the mud are very interesting mate. maybe some glow around the moon could work nicely too?



Latest WIP. This may be it; or at least very close, one can only shine a cesspool so far. I adjusted the placement and spacing for the characters, which is driven to some extent by the eye-level of the original work and attempted to place them within a somewhat logical perspective space. Another consideration for the composition is to follow the axioms that I perceive in Frezetta’s work such as the triangle and a rather centralized composition. The X-mas palm trees now have a touch of Frezetta’s style while hopefully providing a more Elvis look to this piece and maybe even giving a faint smile to Dr. Suess. The palm-lights also resemble eyes, or maybe I have been looking at this too long.

If the Borg captured these hero’s what would they say:

Elvis Borg - You ain’t nothing but assimilated, crying all the time.

Plumber Borg - We are bored resistance is futile.

Frezetta Borg – Release the fantasy art objects to absorb the humanoids!


Hi Ralph! I really like all the new details in the pond and how the reflections are working very nice! almust there, :thumbsup: The jacket I will sugest to guive some leather texture on it, I like alot the palms and the texture ! They complement very good all the envioramnet and the concept mood, really great! and the lights, they do seem eyes :smiley: if you look at shapes closely! haha! I think its a great element, in to let some imagination or mistery behind the art, so keep them !:thumbsup: Fantastic upgrade! keep that energy its looking really kool!:eek: