Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Rachid Jadir


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Latest Update: Final Image: the donky and his idea


the story of this illustration is about a donkey that had an idea to drive a motor bike, iam gonna make this project in maya,photoshop and after effects.


hehe, good start man. looks rly funny. great action.


wow, that does have potential!


thanks for you courage and your appriciation.
this challenge is very important to me because i feel that i am gonna learn many stuff and
good luck for all.


I have to start with the donky


Nice start with the modeling :thumbsup:


thanks man, like your job (chapeau ba)


superbe idea!
hope you’ll take this one to the very end


Loving your model -great idea and lovely style! Good luck!


Nice concept.
Very nice model with funny expression! Just a bit more exaggeration when posing it - and it’s perfect :thumbsup:

Looking forward for more!


modling donky


Modeling looks good so far. Head looks very nice. Keep it up…


hahaha - that one made me laugh! Superb idea and his face’s great :bounce:


thank you very very very much.


thank you very very very much.


Nice concept and a good modelling start. :thumbsup:

Good luck with the challenge.


Neat model!


and now i have finished my donky owner now i am gonna work on the donky pose and thank you.


excellent modeling and style. keep it up !