Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Rachel Quinlan


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: llama poster layout


I thought I’d get this started. Here’s my first concept…a depiction of competitive llama hairdressing. More to come…


That is a hilarious idea, and indeed strange! Love it!


I love the llama’s hair! Are you planning on doing this in 2D or 3D?


Hopefully, this is self explanatory. It’s taking place on a bus or subway.


Another concept…using a camel as transportation in an aquatic setting.


Swizzle: Thanks! It would be 2D.
Geta-ve: Thank you. :slight_smile:


Here’s a study of the llama concept. The llama’s face was based on photo reference.
I’m not sure whether this is the concept I’m going with or not at this point. If I do develop it more, I’m thinking of having a large scene with a bunch of different llamas and their hair dressers. Probably a long, horizontal layout.


LOL @ competitive llama hairdressing… I love it!!! :scream:


That can be funny!especially when you add the other lamas!A teenage lama full of piecings would be interesting!what do you think?Have fun and good luck!


oooh such an amazing sketch

good luck, mate :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel,

love the hairdressing theme
have fun!


Well, I think I’m going for the llama concept. I feel like it offers a lot of possibilities.
I’ve decided to make my image a poster for the hairdressing event. It will show the returning champion, a few of the main contenders, and then the rest of the contestants at the bottom of the page. This will end up looking sort of retro, with a lot of filligree and fancy woodblock type fonts, floating llama heads, floating hairdresser heads, and whatever else I can jam into the composition for comic effect.
More to come soon… :slight_smile:


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