Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Péter Kovács


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Latest Update: Final Image: Ashes to ashes


Detail of my old pencil drawing.




Very cool concept, and very well done. But the metaphor is very applicable, so I don’t see how it’s strange behavior.


amazing concept! the image seems to need a slight silhouette of the large char in the bg? The hand seems to be coming out of no where. But really great sketch can’t wait to see the next version :bounce:


What a powerful message image if this is bout smoking is suicide!

I agree that it will be a more complete or perfect image if someone is holding the cigaratte.

No matter how this is an illustration contest instead of a poster design.

Great concept!


Dust to dust…

Jó kis koncept :slight_smile: Cool concept!! It has depth!
Good to find an other hungarian in the challenge :slight_smile: Jó munkát a maradékra!


Really like your concept although I find it somewhat disturbing it has a lot of power. One thinf that occured to me which may help to develop the story a little more would be to give some attention to the hand - like whose hand is it? It struck me as being quite hellish in mood perhaps a more demonic hand could be used - lucifer has a cigarette break from tortoring souls - no rest for the wicked eh? Will be looking out for updates.


Hand upgrade
…and the head.


I really like the update, nice detail work on the hand and the collosal demonic head - it really moves the story on very well. Are you going to add more colour variation? I really like the cool greys as they offset very well against the glowing reds, but I feel the lower portion of the image needs more colour to bring it foward and enliven it bit more. Also im having some difficulty ‘reading’ the image in the foreground what is going on here is a bit of mystery to me at the moment - what happens to the ashes of the poor souls after they have fallen? Are they maybe resurrected again as hellish trees which grow from the ashes and that bear fruit of resurrected souls which are reaped by lucifers minions to be burnt again in his cigarettes? Anyway congratualtions on a great image!


WOW! Much better! I like the idea and the realization. I love this style!


Very original idea!
I love the design of that hand and how you light it!


Head design


Finalized composition.


My image’s background and story:
…let the image tell the story instead of me.


Omg… o.o
Awsome work but really scarry… =. Stunning!


damn great work!


no words mate! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Very good work…


Great idea I love it