Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Peter Eriksson


BTW, the final artwork in Photoshop is 4600 x 2400 pixels, want to be able to put a lot of detail and stuff in.


Think this will be the color scheme. A little more detail but not finished yet.


Here is a little break down of the Photoshop work so far.


Najs going m8. See ya on the flip side…


Will post a link to a little movie to show the Modo scene. Maybe I will go back to my original concept with the wall and bushes. So we will see where this is going :slight_smile:
Link to:


Back to my first sketch. As many of you pointed out he need something to “hide” behind. And I liked my first sketch so this is the final comp as I see it, don’t have time to change it again. Lots and lots of work still. This is the base model from wich I will color and add detail.



This is the base model from which I will color and add detail. And now with some color :slight_smile:



so your process consists in doing a base 3d model and then finishing it up in 2D? I think it’s looking very good, the cityscape in red and blue looked very good, it’s a pity it’s not going to be seen a bit more… and thanks a lot for sharing that step-by-step gif, and the video too :slight_smile:


Hi again. A small update of Vader. This is the lower left corner of the image and I desided to bring back the bushes and more city in the background.


Hi again!
Here is an update with the lower city almost done (I think :-). More textures for the BAR area and some more work done on the troopers. I have not started on Vader yet and the Tie fighter is not done at all, but hey it’s 28 days left.


If anyone is interested to watch the image so far in full resolution,
4000 x 1800 pixels you can click here (1.6 mb and not full JPG quality)


hahahahahaha :scream: this is really cool! never could i’ve imagined darth vadar taking nature’s call! :smiley:
just an idea … how about adding some more haze?

waiting for your next update! :stuck_out_tongue: … cheers dude! :beer:


hey Buddy.
The way i see it you have put Vader in the far corner as if he’s a prop and not the main subject of this piece. At this point the Walkers are the main subject. Step back and give it some thought.


Hi and thanks for C&C, really need and have used a couple of em. It’s hard not to over do things, thats my biggest problem and then end up with a mess that looks like s**t. I’m taking some days of the picture now and get back on it in a day or two.

Thanks Guero for the C&C. My main reason not to put Vader in the focus is that I want it to be a little “surprise” when you see him. The focus is on the partying Stormtroopers who’s having their day off or what ever they are celebrating :slight_smile:


Well, trying putting the evil dark lord, Darth Vader out of focus really works. I didn’t see him at first, but when I did… :scream::scream::scream:


Hi Peter! Thanks for stopping by my thread. I’ve been watching your thread too but I couldn’t take an opportunity to write to you, sorry. Anyway the concept is hilarious and an unique Darth Vader is a creative idea. The image really confused the viewer. Keep up the good work. Cheers!


Found a nice model the other day from Revell. “Easy Kit” with no glue. Even has a small Darth Vader inside :slight_smile: So why not change the one I have to the “right one”. This is the first stage of modeling done in Modo. Lots of fun and great for learning, and hey - 24 days to go.

Here is a photo of the model. Before I put it together I took photos of it for reference, front, top, bottom. If any one is interested I can put them up.


Hi Peter!

Very cool and funny concept! You have some great images (painted and skecths, not to mention the 3d) along the way that are awsome!
I guess Vader couldn’t use the force to wit 'till he got home…

Good luck


Your work is looking fantastic and i’m looking forward to seeing it fully finished. It’s a whole new take on the evil dark lord. Even villians need to pee!:smiley:
Very interesting how you have combined 3D and 2D something i’d like to try myself once I get a graphics tablet.
BTW thanks for your positive comments on my nose picking robot…cheers:thumbsup:


hahah, genius! great idea! :slight_smile: