Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Peter Eriksson


Clean render from Modo to use as the base. Im still testing how to color it and what will be done in 3D as base and what to paint free hand.


The same model but colored in PhotoShop.
Thanks OKMER for your input and I think that you are right, but I don’t want the viewer to see him the first. I want it to be as a surprise. Composite a nice image is hard work :slight_smile:


hahaha funny concept!! I would maybe show the stream of urine coming out just for emphasis…


Been thinking of how to make it more obvious what’s he’s doing, will try some different ideas. Thanks for your coment :slight_smile:



very funny story!


that´s sooo funny…


ha ah ah ahahah good luck!


This is absolutely funny! I just hope you won’t have problems with copyright.


Thanks for coments and I’m glad that you think the idea is funny!
I hope that i will not have any problems with copyright from Lucasfilm. I hope that thay will see it as a fan art and I’m not in any way taking credit for the designs and/or characters. May the force be with me! :slight_smile: © Lucasfilm 2007. All rights reserved.



Far from perfect but will do the trick in the image. Will model the body this weekend and try to pose them. All models done in Modo by the way.


Like the concept. very good.:scream:


Haha this is a bloody classic, always wondered what happened when the dark lord had to obey the call of nature!
I’d willingly let you use my AT-ST model but i’m not sure if using third party models infringes on the rules of the challenge or not.


Been doing some more models and parts for the illustration. Here is the Storm troopers section.
Thank you Octopus7 for the offer but I will do with my own for now :slight_smile:



Hi Peter, definately strange, one thing though. The road seems empty have emperor or some other characters pass by. Another funny thing would be if he was drunk, pissing and drinking at the same time. Make sure he’s pissing all over his boots.
Good luck and can’t wait for update.


great idea, I loved the first skectch when I saw it…
I think you should make him stand in front of some bushes like in your first sketches, or a wall if you want to keep it in an only-tech environment, IMHO its more clear that he’s peeing and not just standing and thinking…
good luck with it! :slight_smile:


yes its better to stick with the first concept, bushes, wall, old pannels anything that u feel comfortable in the enviorment, i also think if thers nothing in front of him it will defenitly look like he is overthinking something. Keep it coming mate these will goin to be fun


Thanks for the input and I think you are right. I need something to “hide” behind, like bushes or a wall otherwise it looks like he just stand there and looking down. I think I will go with this “boxes” and other stuff that is gonna be loaded into ships or what ever.


Looks better and better, keep it up.


Done the city that will be in the background and im now testing different lightning and still haven’t decided on the sky. Sky’s are a pain in the a**, need to practice on that :slight_smile: (That to by the way, never done an illustration like this before). The buildings are all done in Modo (301 has come :-). Used two different maps on them to get some detail so that I didn’t have to paint everything. Next post will be a color test with more detail.


Here is the one with more detail and some color test. Oh 41 days to go, this will be fun!