Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Peter Eriksson


Ha Ha,…
I love the concept,…
This really a “Strange Behavior”


I like the toilet concept… funny though not strange enough imo… the last one didn’t quite do it for me… strange would be yoda frenchkissing vader (yep… disgusting also)…

Just some thoughts


Hehe. Very funny. great. I love the concet. Good use of force. Keep up a good job. :scream:


Fun concept! I laughed out loud when I saw the one of Vader with the bushes. I hope you’ll keep that one. Good luck with it!


lol man you that stuff is funny (the toilet papper at low gravity), but I vote same as walrus keep on watering the bushes :wink:
about the stormtrooper idea i think it might work yea :slight_smile:
…also just as option you can change the composition so you push it closer the entrance of the pub, (inside and infront of it Sith’s are having party) and just the corner next to it our dark hero is taking a leak :slight_smile:
and may be you can add a bear bottle near hes feet, to support your story that he had to many drink that night and he is still drinking\


Why didn’t I think of that…LOL…great idea, very funny! :))


Glad that you like the idea :slight_smile: Will stick to the first idea and will post updates as soon as I’m back. I’m on a well deserved vacation and have my PowerBook with me but no internet. Take care!


This is a simple model of the AT-ST that’s gonna be in the background, driven by drunken storm troopers. They are very low poly and my idea is to paint in the details to more closely match the originals, or do some quick textures with bump maps. Model done in modo, reference material from the book “The Art of Star Wars: Return of the Jed” which I scanned. Later I saw that a quick Google search would have saved me the time :-).


Looking cool!

Where did you get the AT-ST blueprints?



lol, thats a great concept. very fun!


Sorry, just noticed your comments…doh!


funny concept - good luck



very funny… i actually rpefer the one in the tolilet. almost laughed out loud


Hey Peter, very funny, cool and original idea. I liked a lot !!:thumbsup: Good luck and i keeping and eye on your progress ! :slight_smile:


I’m back from a long vacation (and work). I have finished the base for Vader in Modo today and done some tests how to paint the rest of the body. Will change the pose to better match my first sketch. As u can see I’ve only modeled the parts that is seen from the “camera”.


Another test now with more “body” but I don’t like the pose, will change that later :slight_smile:


I like the pose :wink:
I was laughing as i saw it. Also at the flying toilet paper of the other sketch :wink:
Good luck!


Hahahaah,just excellent!Put a beercan beside him on the ground!!!
Can’t wait at all what this will be in the end!crazie!Later :beer:


Still testing the scene, background and so on. I think I still will have the “bar” with drunken Storm troopers, but still lots of work :slight_smile:
I also haven’t decided on the format …


Great atmospher and background!It’s just that maybe now the background takes away too much the attention of dark flador(drunken talk,lol)…anyway ;can’t wait for da drunken stormtroopers!Cheers!