Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Peter Eriksson


Changed Vaders pose a litte, more back to the first sketch and I think this works better.

BTW all my work is of course inspired by Star Wars :slight_smile: © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.


awwesome! now that looks a lot better. great stuff :smiley: probably the entry on this challenge that has made me laugh the most, congrats!


very nicely done!and so unexpected!! that’s the point !good luck!


that is the funniest entry i’ve seen so far!
first i thought, omg just another well rendered image that has nothing to do with “strange behavior” but now that i see he’s pissing into the bush i really have to say: GOOD JOB!


This is more or less the final image. Will let it “rest” for some more days and maybe do some more things - I don’t know. But I’m more or less happy with it now :slight_smile:



awesome! ok, maybe it’s too late to suggest something, since you’re almost done,
BUT i think your work would be improved if you let someone look over his shoulders while pissing into the bush! at least i’d laugh so hard i swear =)


Did a clean up of all the files for this project and thought that a little show case of all the 3D models would be nice.


Watch the movie here: ( 16 mb)


This is it, the FINAL image!
The story is simple: The Stormtroopers are having their weekly after work with the boss.
Lesson to learn: – Don’t drink and drive!

How I did the painting the short version:
First i did a quick drawing in my sketch book. Scanned that and did some color testing.
After that I did all the “parts” for the scene in Luxology Modo and arranged them in Photoshop for texturing and color.
This is the biggest and most fun “illustration” I’ve ever done and it’s been a lot of fun. Thank you all for the C&C :slight_smile:

All my work is of course inspired by Star Wars :slight_smile: © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.

Over and out!

Here is some out takes from the illustration.
Click here for 100% resolution.

Here is a photo of my private reference library and as you can see I’m a big Star Wars fan :slight_smile: Larger version click here.



Hilarious entry! Was following it a little from the beginning already and it came together real good!
Nice job! :slight_smile:


Hey Peter That’s a really good one !I love the idea .


Yeah, Congratulations!


Hi and thanks again for all the nice comments :slight_smile:
This will be a though competition, lots of very talented ppl here!

SCULPTING A GALAXY by Lorne Peterson
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You can buy it here Amazone UK for only £10.50
There is a very cool Limited Edition with lots of very cool stuff but The book is the same. I sells for £275.00 but that one don’t fit my budget right now :frowning:

More info on the Limited Edition here and here
It’s a must have some day …



Hey Peter! Congratulations! That’s a reall stange behave for Darth Vader, hehhe!
Good luck!


Nice final. Congrats :beer:


Thank you guys! This has been a really fun ride.
ashiataka saw your final, very well done!
MartinNielsen almost done I can see :slight_smile:



This is one ‘BOX OFFICE HIT’ that I wouldn’t want to miss! Congratulations!


This is a GREAT idea! Love it! And a very good execution! And the video-making is very cool! Good luck!


congratulations dude! :applause: me always liked your concept, funny as ever! :smiley:
and man! thats one fine collection! :eek: wishing you all the best dude! :thumbsup:


Thank you all for your nice comments, It’s very good to hear that you like it :slight_smile:
Had my thoughts on making some minor changes, but realized that I don’t have the time and I’m pretty happy with the result to.

   And thanks again!


HI Peter,
thanks for your words in my project.

Your illustration are simple GREAT… why?

In my first look, i think: waaa other space scene…
but when i look these little details… hahahahaha are GREAT!! (i love the little details).

and it also impressed the previous work in this project. belive me.

Good luck.