Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Peter Eriksson


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Latest Update: Final Image: This is it, the FINAL image!


Hi here is my first sketch/idea. Haven’t decided which techniques that I will use but it will be a mix of matte painting, 3D and hand drawn stuff (I think). Be back soon. /peter


lol good concept.

good luck.


hey!! coolkonrad
first sketch is very cool style
i wait to see the next work. good luck :slight_smile:


Doing some color test’s. This one is more of a late evening scene.


love the concept, took me by surprise :slight_smile:


LOL. It is great, without wasting words :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Fun idea! If you got to go, you got to go. Fresh concept, looking forward to further improvement of the artwork


For the first couple of seconds I just thought, yeah nice image. Then I saw what was going on and had to laugh out loud!



This is my start model, no details yet just the basic forms. Before I model more I wanted to see if he fitted in the environment.


Very rough block models just to get a feel for the scale. All 3D models are done in Modo.


Same test but rendered with ambient occlusion. Just to test the light and scale.


the sence of scale feels right… keep it up


Hi… great idea… makes me grin from one ear to the other :slight_smile: How about a sign near by absolutely prohibiting what he`s actually doing :slight_smile:


Hehe nice input, I will think about that idea!
And thanks everyone for your input, looks like Im on the right track.



hi mate, welcome to the challenge :slight_smile:

I like the concept star wars theme, it nice, but i still think that you should work a little bit more on the concept to push the “straneg behavior theme” little more, for e.g add fight in the background, like he is cought in the middle of fight :slight_smile: or some busy trafic in the back :slight_smile:


Been away for the whole weekend. Have been thinking of something on that line, to have something more happening where the center of attention is so when you see him its just an added bonus :-). Will work on that a little more.



I have not yet decided what will go on in the background. Need something to explain why he’s is standing there in the bushes. One idea is that there is a big “Storm trooper” party, and that he’s just had one to much :slight_smile: Still haven’t decided the sky.
More to come!


Don’t know if this is strange enough but I think It’s a bit funny tho. You can push this very far, think what could happen if Vader made some sushi whit his light saber :slight_smile:


Old friends. Another sketch on the theme.