Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Paul Davidson


Congrats for finishing, Paul. I’m glad you managed to squeeze out a little more time to finish this one up. Really nice textures and mood with the lighting and the palette. Nice work!


Was great in the beginning, still is! :slight_smile:
You made a grea piece here!


Thanks for the compliment…i still have some work to do on this, but i will finish comfortabley.




congratulations on the final image Paul… it looks amazing… I really couldn’t find anything that i would improve… good luck


Hey Paul, you have a great concept, a concept with a humor touch, but that tells a true and really strange behavior. I like a lot the usobuki mask symbolism, you lets the viewer see through the mask or remove the mask, great!!

I love the lighting for the scene, beautiful “cold” mood that emphasizing the concept, only a little warm light, and you again lets the viewer with the decision, “that lamp use beluga´s oil??”. The lamp detail its really great!!

Congratulations Paul, awesome art work !! Bravo!! :applause:
Best of luck ! … and time for well deserved beers and a big bottle of tequila !!:smiley: Salud amigo y mucha suerte!! - Cheers mate!! :beer:


Large final as usual, I particularly like the atmosphere which this releases.
Good luck with the judges.


Wow lookin really sweet Paul! I love the lighting!


Hey Paul! Congrats on finishing man.
It’s an awesome piece! Lovely piece! Good luck!


Thanks to all. Now that i have a bit of spare time, i’ll visit more threads that i’ve been neglecting…sorry.

I still need to do a little bit of work this week…tweaking details and the Beluga tank etc

But no stress, just polishing.

Good luck to everyone.



Great finish, Paul! Congrats!
Love the mood of it and the behind idea!
Good luck with judging!


“Usobuki Oil”

“Why do you kill Whales?
For their oil…!
Why do you need the oil?
To keep the harpoons from rusting…!”

The man oiling the harpoon is wearing an Usobuki mask, they are used in Japanese plays.
They humerously reflect the problems of the human condition.
The expression on the mask contributes to a sense of the absurdity of life…!

Pointless killing to sustain human life…domesticated hearding has been going on for thousands of years…some animals we simply do not need to be killing in the name of “the survival of the human race”

That seems like Strange Behavior to me.

That’s it!

I enjoyed tinkering with this…hour here, an hour there…stress free. I wish my professional career was more like this.

Anyway, good luck and see you for the next one.



this is top notch. now step on the gas. i want to see it done! :smiley:


Love the final image, best of luck to you!


Yap top notch indeed!!Best of luck to you and hope well meet up again next time.Cheers!!!


Thanks guys.
Just looking back in…anything been happening? Who was the winning entry?



awesome final image as usual, great idea and humorous story.

Mark :thumbsup:


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