Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Paul Davidson


Nice line art and shading so far, Paul. Looking good! One part that feels a bit awkward is the positioning of the left arm and hand. Try as I might, I can’t get the back fo my wrist to touch my shoulder like that. And the hand seems turned away from us in a way that doesn’t seem completely believable… or even necessary. Perhaps rotating his hand and arm around so that the fingers are facing us more, bringing his elbow back behind him instead of at his side could help…? Anyhow, good luck with it, especially with what little time you have to spend. (although 50 minutes a day over 4 months is a lot of time when you add it all up!)


Cheers, I fully intend to correct that. As soon as I did the drawing something was odd…i’ll fix it at the next stage.



except from what warlus said (that i personally might have missed), i think its looking very good… the mask kind of gives him the Jason or leatherface look… madness etc. that is…

keep it up


very cool project. great to see ya join another challenge, thou i enjoyed your works in those you were in. looking forward to your next 50 mins, best of luck, have fun and bring em on ^^
cheers :beer::buttrock::wip:


Looking good so far, can’t wait to see how it progresses. You’re like me, working in stops and starts! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Pencil scribbling :slight_smile:

“Why do you kill Whales?
For their oil…!
Why do you need the oil?
To keep the harpoons from rusting…!”


Very nice line art! But poor whale!


WOW! :buttrock:

And the subject too!


hi paul! so nice to see u back in these challenges! the pencil work is once again marvelous, the story about needing oil for harpoons is great as well, although its a bit cruel… but we like cruel, bwahaha! The only thing that bothers me a bit at the moment is the mask that the guy is wearing. Very unique to me though, but maybe too strange. Just my opinion ofcors. good luck with ur further development!


Hahaha! What wacky person you did! I like it! :buttrock:



the whale looks trully beautiful… so much that i really feel sorry for it…

keep it up…


Thanks…much appreciated :slight_smile:

TheFirstAngel: Thank you very much…I’m very excited about this one.

BaronImpossible: Cheers, I’ll be ok for time, I suppose it allows you to see it with fresh eyes each day…fixing any mistakes.

Kei-Acedera: Yes, poor whale…that’s the motivation for the art.

musi: Thank you very much.

NinjaA55N: Nice to hear from you, alson. The mask is an Usobuki mask, they are used in Japanese plays. They humerously reflect the problems of the human condition.
The expression on the mask contributes to a sense of the absurdity of life…! As well as looking freaky, I believe it fits perfectly into the actions of the guy…a pointless act.

DogMan3d: thanks

icedeyes: I feel really sorry for it as well. My aim is for everyone to feel the same by the time i’ve finished.

More soon.



aha, I see now. I acctually thought it would be something like that, that u r aiming somewhere in that direction, just didnt know the whole story behind the mask :slight_smile: thnx for the explanation!


you really do draw beautifully dude, nice updates :applause:


Looking wicked. What do you feed the whale on? Blubber?

I guess he’s a baby whale - his expression his heartbreaking. Great stuff,



flyingP: Thanks for the compliment, you know me, I love working with a pencil :slight_smile:

Quills: I’m attempting to portray the Whale being kept alive artificially, fed by the sort of tubes etc you’d get in a hospital…in this case being kept alive in the most horrible way to get my point across. It’s a Beluga whale, they’re not that big anyway. That’s half the reason I chose it, simply from a compositional point of view…plus, with Beluga’s being white, it has the symbolism that i require, because sometimes white is used to sygnify death.

Thanks for your comments…much appreciated.



Yeah I should have put a :wink: in after blubber - just had the same kind of cyclical thing going on…you feed the whale with whale blubber to keep it alive to kill more whales to feed the whale…and so on. So fear not, the artificial life system thing does come across. Its a cool idea anyhoo and the cutest whale I’ve seen for some time! :slight_smile:



Quills: Oops!, I get you now…chuckle…it’s funny, even with emails etc sometimes they can be read wrong.

Thanks for that



ah ah …the picture is well done…:smiley: … very very nice scene (conception) design…good luck…Mr.Paulwdavidson…:bounce: :bounce:


hey cool work.will surely follow ur thread.Best of luck buddy:thumbsup: