Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Paul Davidson


Nice idea! Humour with a conscience…? Now mine just feels vacuous and irrelevant. sigh

This should look great with your detailed rendering, best of luck with the painting! I hope stuff’s good down in the south west?


Thanks for the early support, folks. Much appreciated.

Duddle, your stuff could never come under the heading of vacuous or irrelevant…too sharp for that!

North East…Geordie-land! Whitley Bay…by the sea…oh! subliminal messages coming from the sea…“save the whale”



ps…forgot to mention, it’s going fine thanks…you?


OoH, i didn’t notice the ‘Whitley Bay’! (it used to be the South West didn’t it? Bristol or summfink?) I was once a geordie, for a two years when i was five. My dad was a sales rep fro Scottish and Newcastle breweries! Yay!

Anyway, nuff chatting… Get on with some colouring in!!

(I’m good, and hoping i’ll have time for a challenge…??)

yea, i am with you on that 110% i definatly know what you mean there. hehe, i am sure it wont be a surprise for you to find out that i chose the same path for this as well.


Very cool concept. Awsome sketch too. Good luck. :slight_smile:


It’s weird having sooo much time. Whenever I’ve enteres these before, it’s always felt like I’ve had to go at it hammer and tongs! I suppose we can relax a bit more this time and enjoy the ride…!

It’s going to be a good one.



tisk tisk… poor balugas… the concept is rock solid… and nice drawings mate… best ov luvk to ya:thumbsup:


Hey Paul that’s a nice concept! Looking forward to your sick detailing :wink:


What goro said. Have you fixed on this concept yet? Where did you get that idea from- it seems so random! (unless you were walking along the pier one night and you saw a whale and a puddle of gasoline at the same time…)


Paperclip…it involved a conversation I had years ago with a friend. I’m into nature (as inspiration for idaes and my art) and we got onto the subject of pointless killing to sustain human life…domesticated hearding has been going on for thousands of years…some animals we simply do not need to be killing, in the name of “the survival of the human race”

The preying on certain animals is unacceptable…so we happened to bring up this subject that i’m illustrating…the “why do you kill whales…?” point was raised.

There you have it…it’s something that popped into my mind when i read the brief…I don’t know!

Does that explain it, or am i waffling?



yes :smiley: … but go with it, it’s a cool and clever idea packed with irony, personally I think it hits the brief very well :thumbsup:


Thanks, mate.
Much appreciated.


I really love the idea, but I think its quiet hard to understand the paradox in the picture. You should lead the attention of the viewer more to the important parts like the oilcan.


That’s an excellent explanation and I think you should include it with the final submission (if you go with this one, that is) as it makes the whole story make a little more sense. Your concept is very strong, as is your sketch. Now I’m all curious to see how this goes. I agree with the above guy- couldn’t hurt to hint more at the conservation issue here, possibly having a ‘ksave the whales’ protest newspaper clipping covered in darts on the wall or something. :scream:


Interesting points…it’s very helpful to guage from people whether or not the point you are trying to get across is reading. I suppose after considering the point about the oil can not playing as big a part as it should (visualy) I’ll emphasize it more in the next stage.
At this stage (with the core idea there for me to look at, and consider) I’ll plan what to layer it with next, as far as visual elements to compound the idea, and tell the “story” more.




well i think the idea is REALLY strong and thought provoking, its easy to connect the image to what you just explained i completely agree with theresa, your piece instantly gains unprecedented value with an idea that doesnt merely make you say aww or wow. you gots support. NOW DRAW DAMN YOU! hehe, i just want to see this piece further along!

any who cheers man ill be back.


Great concept. And a truly sad topic. Even at such an early stage it causes an emotional reaction.


Just browsing through this thread reminds me of ‘Children of Men’ with Clive Owens. I am a strong believer in the respect of what earth delivers us. There is more than enough food and we discard more than we consume. In my tradition, the Navajo believe in using everything that we kill. Skin for drums, blankets, clothing, Bones for weapons, for example. I tell you my tribe to assure you that I am what I claim. I am also a jigga man, hov! Pimp this piece out. I will enjoy seeing this one going to finished. Loved your Master and Servant piece Paul, by the way! It’s gonna be interesting watching your process again. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Quick addition. I intended to submit the final line art as the next stage, but since i’m only going to have time for around 50mns a day, it would be forever between major submissions. So i’ll post my baby steps.
As you can see from the last pose of the character, i’ve changed his angle so he’s more engaged with the activity of oiling the harpoon…siphoned from the Beluga whale. The oil can is more central to the composition as well.
More soon.

Thanks for the kind remarks.