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Latest Update: Final Image: Usobuki Oil


I thought i’d throw my hat in for this one. Looks very interesting. Last challenge for me was “Grand Space Opera” but sadly couldn’t finish for a couple of reasons. I had loads of fun for “MachineFlesh” and “Master and Servant”…so here I go again.

Good luck to everyone.

It’s good to be back.



Hello, glad you to re-examine for this new challenge, good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks, nice to hear from you…

I’ll be posting soon. As soon as I read the brief, I had the image i wanted to do straight away…once this happens, I can’t get anything else. It’s usually the right one, for me. I’m trying to get it done today (first sketch) if time allows.



damn wish I was finding it that easy atm


great to have u in mate,havent seen u for awhile,looking forward to see what ya come up with:)
good luck in the challenge


Thanks…I’m looking forward to putting this idea down…just trying to find a couple of hours going spare, so that I can do the sketch.

Maybe tomorrow, i hope.



expecting some good stuff here judging by the last entries :slight_smile: gogo impress us!


:thumbsup: Great to see you back for another challenge Paul

As always I’m expecting to see some great work here and will keep an eye on this thread.

Good Luck

Mr Freeman :bounce:


ditto :thumbsup:



I can’t tell you how excited I am to see your thread here, Paul. Back in the Master Servant challenge, you were a great inspiration, and i have no doubts the same will happen again here. Eagerly awaiting the idea!


“Usobuki Oil”

“Why do you kill Whales?
For their oil…!
Why do you need the oil?
To keep the harpoons from rusting…!”

The man oiling the harpoon is wearing an Usobuki mask, they are used in Japanese plays.
They humerously reflect the problems of the human condition.
The expression on the mask contributes to a sense of the absurdity of life…!

Strange Behavior!

I’m going to enjoy painting this one…




bahaha, thats horrible! great rendition. man this is soo bad its good, i guess more is then next step? yes?! please? :stuck_out_tongue:


The aim is to make it quite macabre and creepy, especially since the Usobuki mask is smirking. I plan to make the setting seem like a rundown laboratory/ abattoir…rusty and leaking…very dirty and unhygienic. The brief states, one of the aims should be a statement that makes you stop and think…the poor restrained Beluga Whale, being siphoned of it’s oil should do that…I hope.



well i am sure it will be quite the work when its done, this is your final piece i assume? or do you have something else cooking on the back burner?


No, Slav…this is it (of course, there’ll be streamlining with the design etc)

This came to me straight away…no room for anything else, this felt right for me to do…i’m going to trust my gut feeling on this one. I’m happy and comfortable not exploring too many other ideas… I do that for a living. This is more personal, so i’ll feel less constrained executing this, therefore i’ll enjoy it much more…know what i mean?



Why do you kill Whales?
For their oil…!
Why do you need the oil?
To keep the harpoons from rusting…!"

Now that calmes!Just love it!
Excellent idea and cool sketch!
Looking forward for the rest!


nice idea paul :slight_smile:


great sketch but i cant help it feeling sad for the poor whales


lookin sweet Paul! nice sketch