Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Olivier Derouetteau


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Glad to see you join Olivier. Looking forward to your concept. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks ekah!
It’s gonna be a very funny challenge… he! he!:slight_smile:


Hello everybody,
Here my first sketch for the Strange behavior Challenge.I would like to create a strange scene with a living puppet in a full moon night.Here the puppet’s design.
All comments are welcome.


Here a little preview of my idea.The puppet has killed is creator in the foreground.The point of view is like we were lying on the floor…The athmosphere is dark, we see the full moon in the background.I would like to put many puppets in the back.So, the puppet has got scissors and is hand…freedom is not so far!
Well, not very funny, this little story!
I will try another composition soon around this idee (something softer…).
All comments are welcome


I like this dark humor :slight_smile: , the camera angle is very good IMO, but it’s always nice to try others.

Do hurry though, the clock is ticking!


Hi Olivier! Interesting concept, nice sketch and also camera angle. Have fun in the challenge. Bravo! Cheers!


Yes Jassar, it’s perhaps too much dark humour, that’s what I think about it…I don’t know…Well, my other idee is more poetic, you will see soon.Thanks for your comment.

Ashiataka:Thanks for your comment, I think the angle camera is interesting too.
And I am going to try another idea with my puppet soon; something different in the same environnement. Thanks again for your comment.


i really like your concept a lot! :love: :stuck_out_tongue: camera angle is well thought of! looking forward to your next update! :bounce:

good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Hello everybody,
Here is my second concept, perhaps more simple (but the same idea).I think that I prefer this last one.
Tell me your favourite…
And all comments about composition or else are welcome.


Thanks nwiz25, my new sketch is a little bit different but the idea is the same.
I hope you will enjoy
Thanks again.


really like both. the first one is much “darker” than the second. they both illustrate the story quite well. i think i like the perspective and view of the second one better. but i do like implications of the first one. not sure which one i like the best…both are cool.


wow! :eek: this one looks really beautiful!
a very tough choice though coz both your concepts have their own story to tell …
i think i like this one even more … but still your earlier concept has a place and mind of it’s own :wink: … looks like everyone’s vote is needed here! :stuck_out_tongue: … im in with your latest concept! :bounce: … bottom line … even if you go with the first or second … awesome! both are really good … in terms of art and story!

good luck dude! :thumbsup: wonderful work!


Many thanks r1-381 and nwiz25 for your comments.
I like very much my last version too. I ask myself if I would not have to open the eyes of the other puppets in the shop, looking us or looking the free puppet ouside…well I am going to think about those new ideas.


Really like both very much. A nice twist on the idea of toys coming to life, re:toystory - but much darker. The compoition in the second one is stronger I think and the narrative of the first goes further. Great work looking forward to see where you take it.


Thanks ubha, yes it’s my dark Toy Story (it a nice comment;)).
Well, I like the composition of the second sketch, I think that I could had some details; perhaps opening eyes of the other puppets (in shop), perhaps stairs in the foreground (to accentuate the idea of climbing to the moon) … The free puppet could have a last look at the shop (it could be more interesting to see his face)…I will try…

so, a new version soon.
Thanks again


Both concepts are very lovely, but I would prefer the second one. It’s more soft, gentle and sad…
Looking forward for progress!


Hi Olivier! The second concept looks great too. The one you’ll going to chose through the two concepts will be great. Because both of them are good to work on it. The important part is in which one you’ll have more fun while working on it? Then chose that one. Cheers! Bravo!


First off I like the 1st concept a lot because of it’s drama and intensity. You are able to see the expression on the puppet’s face as well as take in the environment and almost first person view of the fallen puppet master. The story is a bit easier to grasp, but it does leave room to wonder as to what really happened. The 2nd concept is a very good piece to look through and figure out what it’s saying because it’s not as obvious as the first. The gesture of the puppet showing freedom and the scissors on the floor and her strings cut can lead to a conclusion, but not as easily. Both have their strengths… this is indeed a hard one to choose, but if you go with the 2nd you will probably have to dig deep in getting your story to read as your initial first concept. They are basically 2 different instances in the story… it’s just a matter of which one you prefer… “The Method of Escape” or “After the Escape”

Keep it up:thumbsup:


Great concept and layout!