Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


pfffff, amazing again !
I can put off my eyes of her !


30 pages and this thing is growing bro^^
thats a tribute to you man, the guy with the most positive energy I have ever met in my whole life, good to have you on our side ;) Im also glad you corrected that depth of field; the emotions you can transport via metallic robot bodies indicates that you`re a real master
cheers mate


hey dude… this is one again one of the most stunning picture… the DOF is simply sexy… nice work bro…

ALL THE BEST FOR THE RESULTS!!! hope u come out the best!!!


Amazing concept neville,

love the whole idea, very humorous and love the feel to the whole thing, you got my vote


Great Job Neville!! She has a very nice finish to her-- fitting for a super-robo-model! Congratulations on a fine finish and best of luck!


wow man! that dirt layer just sets it off perfectly, the blurring pushes it all forward, absolutley superb mate.

best of luck to you dude! it’s been a plesure,

A :smiley:


HEy, hey hey Buddy!!!HEy sorry man I couldn’t be in here some more this time, and sorry for being a bit late to congrat you on a huge finish man!Love it.great&clean pro work!1 of my fav’s.
You’ve really been a great positive power motor again to me and lots of other people I’m sure!It’s always great to be by your side in these contests and to have you as a buddy around!One day well drink a beer together!I’m sure of that!+/- 60 years to go still, so that really should be possible!

Well congratz again buddy and wish you all the best and luck in the world man!
MAy zeee forzz be nwizzz you!


Inconceivable sense of reality performance
Great work my friend


you had a grat idea and you executed perfectly…beautifull colors! congratulations on the image man!

take a look at mine too hehe…




I injoy all steps of work


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