Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Link isn’t working :frowning:


I´m going to imitate Neville: WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO:love: :love::love::bounce: lol

hahah cool job brother! I think this kind of situation will happen soon, when the robots walk all over here.

I wish you good luck!!:thumbsup:


My question was…why did you have to steal my name for your story? :smiley: haha not that i mind or anything. lOL

No problem! I just might join the next one if…if…i have time. Right now time isnt what i have. But I will be posting a new project and more progress on my other work soon! So check it out when ya can! :deal: Good luck my friend!


thinsoldier ~ hi dude! thanks for droppin by! … glad you downloaded the file … stay tuned for more :wink:

gG ~ OMG!! where have you been bro?! :cry: missed ya a lot! … thanks for your good wishes bro! me very happy to c ya once again!:love: take care!

nerdyninja ~ ohhhh that question!! :smiley: … well … lets just say … its a big ‘thank you’ … you’ve helped me with your ideas on the colours and robot characters n all … so me thought to name the robot model after you :stuck_out_tongue: … plus … your name really suited her … more like … fits like a glove! :stuck_out_tongue: … looking forward to meeting ya in the next challenge! me will have some good competition :smiley: LOL
thanks a lot celine! god bless ya as always! cheers! :beer:


alright my friends! … one by one … close up shots of the new background will be uploaded …
i chose to use a cold colour tone, since the earlier one somehow looked stronger :expressionless:

next shot comin right up! :stuck_out_tongue:


oops! and i forgot to mention … this is by all means before the depth of field treatment … so its like … taking one last look at the sponsors … the peeping bigbot … and who can forget … the jealous one! :stuck_out_tongue:

more in a few minutes :wink: … cheers!


next …


next …


next …


next …


the background in full view …


moving on …


next …


those hands …


next …


oh my, this close ups are freakintastic…now that you`re in my network we have to meet sometime and when the time comes I make you drunk and then I make you telling me all your secrets muahahaha…have I spoken this loud?!
awesome work man, it was damn cool to follow your process


thats a fantastic work, great details you got there :slight_smile:


OMG you are a genius! :drool: Those close ups are fantastique!! And thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I am just glad to be of service and some inspiration here and there. Now i can sleep in peace!! LOL love how all the crowd robots reflect upon each other. Also love the grunge on Celine. Its looking great! oh and the bkg is kick ass :love:


really nice technical piece man! I would swear it was 3D. The colors and the soft lighting give it such a nice feel - and the design really creates its own world. If I were to comment, I’m only wondering why celine is full of coffee stains?hhaa. It might be part of the story though. Anyway, awsome piece, great colors and of course really strange…


some times you can found an impressive work…

and this is one of these times…

one great 3d model are a good mesh with good material / textures.

textures made great part of work.

CONGRATULATIONS… you are a Texture´s Master.