Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey Neville strong work here nice colors and nice idea like it a lot good luck


Incredible detail, love the polished surfaces and very clean treatment. Best of luck!


Great piece indeed, mate, lots of talent here! :buttrock: Brilliant rendering and absolutely fantastic work in body language for all the characters shown, which makes this pic really special, at least for me… Congratulations on finishing, and all the best for the judging!!


Great final image, it looks amazing with the colors… I like the lighting and the reflection effects, very good use of DOF



Haha! Uncommon, with no doubt and very funny :slight_smile: Nicely done, well done! Good Luck!


it turned out even better than I ever expected, very cool work man
great work with this little blur in the background, I`m impressed+


vrey impressive, neville!
awesome job on the textures and the glamourous feel to it! i am very impressed with the render of your model-bot.
banners have the right type of designs that goes along with a fashion show…and the designer having a pick at its audience…all great touches…
cheers, mate!
and best of luck!


wow insane! Kudos on getting it done with so many characters and so much detail!:applause: Best of luck!


this is another kickass stuff from u… diffrnt subject + diffrnt attitude!
i just loved it… KEEPIDUPP MANN! u roxx


holy cow! :eek: :love:

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… thank you all very very much for your encouragement and suggestions :love: … each of your comments carried a lot of love and luck … something i needed along the way to help me move forward inspite of all the things that went on during the last couple of months, i owe it all to everyone! as for the entry … there are still some changes left … more toward colour toning, depth of field, the dirt layer on celine … ( which has to be more strong now :expressionless: ) and a little more detail … really tiny ones :wink: … and finally some text change … all this whipped and mixed for the final image! stay tuned my friends! god bless you all! :love:


Hi Neville pal, I was just going tho send this post yesterday when a little earthquake struck and the lights went off. Pffffh…:banghead:

I was telling you how amazed am I of the way all these little details worked together as a whole. My favorite are the hands. I feel like touching them… and I love how you justified the big square light of your sampled reflex photo into the image itself with the same kind of lamps! that kind of details are just candy for me, that and the great concept behind it just make it a great treat!:drool::drool:
I will add now that I think the bigrobot’s hand should be more lit by the wall reflector at the left, just a little thing as you said…:shrug:
Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone here, and for supporting and helping on things here and there, You are a great guy and you just can’t hide it!!
I really hope we will see more of your unique style in the future.

Mr. Neville, It has been a pleasure for sure.


Heeey, baby :wink: Interesting idea! That’s 3D, yeah? Love the lights on the metall :slight_smile:


SteevieWoo ~ thanks a lot bro! me agree with u totally! :stuck_out_tongue: … i’ll surely add some more light on the big bot’s hand … i’m very happy you like my work right from the beginning till the very end! thanks again for all your comments and suggestions! :love: really appreciate it! take care my friend! there will be more … :wink:

Liuba ~ hehe :stuck_out_tongue: actually this is all 2d … just good ol photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: very happy you like the effects :stuck_out_tongue: … i’ll be explaining the techniques as soon as im free :slight_smile: … thanks a million for droppin by! :slight_smile: take care!


Hey Neville! Great job! your piece is really amazing! Good luck my friend!


Nice work with the coloring and the reflective surfaces. Also, interesting humanist tone. Keep up the good work!


Excellent Job Neville, gotta love the sexy robot form. :thumbsup:



Awesome job man.
Those reflections are SEXY!
I really like the contrast between the model and the generic non reflective crowd.


Hey I still want my questions answered!!! haha :banghead:


hey bro wazzup!!:wavey::beer: dude u workin on her is ur work complete?? are u gonna add more dirt on her or wat??? did u think me goin to mumbai is gonna stop me from posting??? :stuck_out_tongue:


medunecer ~ thanks a lot dude! wishing you the very best of luck as well!
( by the way … your portfolio rocks man!! :buttrock: that’s some awesome 3d stuff goin on back there! )

IanSkip ~ thanks a lot my friend! :stuck_out_tongue: stay tuned for the final image with some extras and fix ups!

element5 ~
howdy mark! thanks a million! i’m very happy you like the way she looks …
good luck as always mate! :thumbsup:

Art2 ~ hehe :smiley: thanks dude! stay tuned for the next final update! thats gonna be the end of it now … cheers to you!

nerdyninja ~ hey celine! great to c ya again! :stuck_out_tongue: … ooops … what questions dear? :blush: do let me know … me gotta thank ya once again for all your suggestions and encouragement! really helped me a lot to move forward! me hope you’ll join the next challenge! it’ll be fun all the way! god bless ya celine! cheers!

vivu!! freakin ass! missed you so much! :cry:
yup … shes almost done … some new thingys added here n there … plus glitches n all … final change will be made to the write up too … just a few additions and shifts … hopefully by today … it’ll be done! thank you so much for everything re :love: you comin back this evening na? take care!! see you soon!