Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Congrats man! I just can’t stop staring at it!

Cheers :buttrock:


great work man!
you did an excellent piece here!
i can’t imagine how to get this render just using the photoshop



wow I like the idea, and the execution is fantastic! Really nice!!!

Best of luck!!


kind of reminds me of that show a few weeks back i saw on global. it was about love dolls. when i 1st saw this i immediately thought… i hope she comes with a remote. XD

awesome work man!


Fantastic work Neville, i realy enjoyed following your thread and the final image is wonderful. Congrats and good luck.


And Im back!!! Oooohhhhhh love it! This is…ummmmm…amazing! :buttrock: Love the reflections and the depth! You have put a lot of work in this piece and it really shows! all i gotta say is kick my ass and call me sally…this rocks the house! :love: i love it! She looks great! but why did you have to steal my name…? LOL j/k

oh yeah forgot to say that i love the backstory on her too!


Wow, great final image.:bounce:

Good luck with the voting.


this ones a shocker man… fantastic… ultimate… never imagined this to b this gud… (coz i had never seen the composited file before… ) hat off to u mate… for makin a 3d world using a 2d package… its just incredible… ma mouth is open still… droolin… :drool:

oh btw ma date with the babe is pending…:bounce::deal::buttrock::applause:

also now that u got more time… get the dirt n scratches on her more prominant…

thats all from ma side man… all the best to u for the final result… hope u come out the winner!!!:bowdown::arteest::beer:


i like your style, nice jobe


Hey Neville, my dear friend, this is MAGIC !! … I´m totally astonished !! what a impresive magic show ! I love it!! (and like any kid i want more magic :smiley: and i´m waiting the next challenge for more magic, yeaaa!! ) All the stages in this wonderful concept were a delicious eye candy and I love ever step in the amazing development of your idea!
Not only you make an awesome magic art work, you also gave time to encourage participants, always with a kind and wise commentary, that I respect very much.
For me it was an honor to have participated in this challenge with you my friend! you rock!!

Bravo !! Great Magician !! :applause: God bless you my dear friend and the best of luck !! … and now … tarararararrrrararara (redouble drum :smiley: ) … time for beers !! yeessss many many cold beers!! and a big bottle of tequila!! Cheers Neville :beer:


Hey Neville,

Very nice work man. I like the final image. Good work.


Hey Neville,

Finally you came with a nice composition. Very nice work man. Great it is. Keep it up.


Nice man, really nice…



Awesome final image :eek: Great technique and cool idea, bravo :applause:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


Hi Neville,
That’s an excellent final, as was expected! :love:it’s still difficult to believe there is no 3D in it. Just wonderful, my friend!
I really enjoyed reading your POSE magazine article too :D. Indeed, breaking out of the boundaries of one’s expected behavior, striking a pose despite all the fears and possible loses - is a strange and not really liked by society behavior. But to be able to grow as a person, not to drawn in the every day life, one should do it from time to time. Just to prove to himself/herself that one is still alive…
I love when image has a story behind, and has something to say.

Congratulations, Neville!



Incredible work!
Can’t find any words to describe my feelings about your work. :scream:
Amazing - would’nt be enough for this picture. :slight_smile:

Congrats with final, and wish you best of luck in the vote.


Hey Neville, you’ve done it! You’ve crossed the finish line with an amazing piece of art. I’m amazed by the 3D look in your 2D illustration and it’s been a real pleasure watching you create this. Good luck to you buddy


Hey Neville,
your work is just amazing. Congratulations!



Neville, you’ve completed this image beyond my expectations. I’m fascinated with your speed especially in the last weeks. At the beginning, it took me about 5 visits and some reading to realize that this is all PhotoShop. You are a master of render, and that skill far exceeds the software you are using. This is observation man: it’s observing light, shadow, reflections, specularity, depth of field, color, texture, and finally observing how all these things can come together to create a believable world… that’s why the medium is less important for people like you; but that said, you are a master of photo shop regardless. Awesome entry, and best of luck to you my friend… Or should I say to Celine :wink:


hey thanks man. YOurs is looking very tight and technical. Great execution and color on the main character!