Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Awww c’mon Neville:p… paste a flattened version of the girl on this and let us see…:cool::cool::cool:. I’m dying to take a look at the whole composition!

hehehe… you got yourself some good sponsors… …:smiley:


Wow, now the final image is more and more establishing, it’s interesting what it’s going toward! I’ve admired your ‘reflections in post-method’ for a while now, because I also try to enhance my work heavily in post.

My only critique at this point would be that the logos shouldn’t be too distracting (IMO). The logos are really cool and interesting, but maybe you can try something with a fictive typography? So that there is in fact no real text, but it ‘suggests it to be there’?

I’m really looking forward for your final product! :slight_smile:


Looks excellent buddy. Keep up the super work. It looks like you’re getting very close :thumbsup:


Hey Neville,

I’m back from a job…

This is a really cool catwalk you’ve designed there! And I really love the idea of the peeping/jealeous bots!

keep going!



Woah! Im lovin it as per usual! :love: Love the peeping tom and jealous robot! OMG those logo’s are too funny!! haha great imagination you have! :smiley:

Im still wondering if there shouldnt be more vibrant colors!! I mean there has got to be some snobby robots in their fancy fusia’s and more femme colors…maybe the really vibrant colors are only on those really expensive bots…haha just an idea! I know you are running out of time so get to it!!! hehe


I will only say: nice update :wip:


Haha, I really like the logo designs! Some are very catchy and authentic! ‘almostHuman’ is great! :smiley: And So is captivating circuits!

Now bring it to an end! :slight_smile:


Neville, Great Logo! love it’s very clever and funny ! love the designer looking for the attention in there, hahah Genius! looks like you got almust done that colection!:thumbsup:…great designs in the robots and the mood keeps going up, :scream: the only concern so far its that all the logos seems a bit to the same patern of volume in the wall, I like it, but maybe some blue indigo light might help to pop up some diference in them…:rolleyes: just a thought hehe ! Great work! like always:applause:


fantastic mate :slight_smile:

lokos like the end may in sight hey ! good work


Cool stylebot! Good luck!


Hi Neville,

I like your stuffs so much! Only crit about those logos and the typography. I know it’s a heavy industrial scenery but there is too much of grotesque letters. Maybe some antiquas could help but it’s my opinion.

  1. If the center logo is the main i think that could be raised up a bit.

  2. Repeat the pose script on “directors left” is not lucky maybe. Usually designed logos have their mutations for different sizes. Right now smaller size of POsE logo is much more readable than the large one. Perhaps the S is thin for that size. Kerning also too wide. The logo too strongly divided into two parts.

  3. There’s too much space between W and E of the week word. Just a bit of kerning again. Not too much, just a breathe of.

  4. almost Human is wonderful, small space between tH could make it readable. Not a whole letter space just a 20percent probably.

  5. As a composition: some of the logos on the right side “falling out” from the frame. Move it back to center a bit just as the left side.

  6. Lights: maybe some light to the top. Ceiling looks too black. It’s ok if you use some backlights. Some edge lights between logos…dunno

  7. If you want to create a monumentalistic mood maybe a fake perspectivity could be an addon on the background panels. Make the top wider or narrower. Triangle usually represent power in images, just as in industrial designs. (Just think of DaVinciCode’s silly explanation blabla :slight_smile: ).

Ok, it’s a long post. Don’t think am crazy (Iam:)) but it’s an almost perfect stuff. Maybe my comment seems like am a bighead, but am just an industrial designer originally… think this post as an occupational hazard and an 'onest opinion :thumbsup:

Best wishez for the final! Fingers crossed mate!


Hi Nevile,

I am really impressed! Again! :scream:
Wonderful job, my friend! Lovely! You just got it right with those logos! I particularly like the “mixed emotions” and “capturing circuits” ones! Great!
Just a little comment: what about aligning the right side logos to the left edge of that panel?

Looking forward for final!
And :love::love::love:!!!


The primadonnas always arrive last… :wink:

Great job my friend, and now I’m holding my breath to see the final, no doubt it’ll be stunning. :thumbsup:


great job mate!

best wishes.


Hi Neville! I’m looking for the final impatiently!
Good luck! Cheers!


Haha, always keeping us in suspense…
Woow, sad, couldn’t be in here with you some more my friend! surely miss that!Come on Buddy you’re almost there!!!
Absolutely great, great work man!!!Pure Neville style.It rocks!!!
But now wanna see the final with the top model robot in there!
Hope to see you in the next challenge and we’ll have some more time my friend.Best of luck on the final judgement!!:love: my bro!


hello my friends! its been a very hectic week! … i’m just keeping my fingers crossed! … still got a little detailing to do and write up!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

will surely comment on other entries soon … ( FABULOUS WORKS OF ART I MUST SAY!!!)

wishing you all the very best of luck!! god bless you all! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: >:D<

timing is ticking! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


I was thinking about you recently bro. Good to see you are well. I know all that ‘must get done’ daily stuff can really make things difficult. Great to see you are still in it!:smiley: I wish you all the best Neville!:thumbsup:


You are insane ! You put the 2D art very far ! I have never seen any 2D artist doing a zdepth before !


  • hello neville, thank you for your interview. Last night you attended POSE magazine’s much awaited fashion show! do tell us what was it like?

Clearly for POSE magazine itself, it was a night to remember! when it came to originality, style and of course… beauty, they’ve always made it to the front page of every magazine, especially Fashion Extraordinaire.You know, they are very particular about their shows,
everything from lighting, colour, mood etc. they couldn’t afford to risk anything at all, like if anything went wrong or something didn’t go
according to plan … totally unacceptable! … But, this time, someone decided to do just that! risk it all … literally strike a pose on the catwalk!

  • Interesting … and who is this ‘someone?’

Sighhh … That’s a million dollar question …
… she is Celine … yeah … she’s very special, but not in everyone’s eyes. She was pushed around, ignored, overworked, nobody took care of her.
But, she continued working for POSE magazine against all odds. She was at every model’s beck and call … do this … do that … even insulted!

  • That’s really bad, i’m sorry to hear that… but i can’t help but wonder about something … you mentioned earlier that she wanted to risk everything … just to pose on the catwalk? … that’s kind of strange don’t you think? was she a model?

No … not at all … ironically … that’s the beauty of it all! she wanted to live the moment … feel what had to be felt! as i said before, it was a
risk she was willing to take! which as a matter of fact, she did! … just before the show could end, before the last model could go in, celine just
stopped whatever she was doing and started to make her way toward the bright lights, the music, the crowd! she just wanted to feel like or very much be … a supermodel!

  • Gosh! go on … go on … what happened next?!

Just as she stepped out, complete silence! all eyes on celine! everyone was shocked! she looked around, confused … frozen … it was now or never, the only thing left to do was to move forward, better to lose her job with dignity rather in fear and disgrace! she started off with her first few steps, still not making any connection with the crowd … suddenly, the music was back on! … but hey! a different track
altogether! she was wondering what in the world is going on?! everyone was looking at each other, and then back at her again! nodding their heads, clapping a little … they were beginning to accept her! … the music started to grow stronger and stronger after each and every step!
if i remember correctly … i think they’re were playing ’ something about you ’ by jamelia … it was amazing!

  • haha…yeah!! that truly is amazing! and what about the other models? they must’ve been wondering what was going on!

Oh yes! … they weren’t happy at all! more like she stole their thunder! hahahaha … but they deserved it! she pretty much shocked them the most, on a much more higher note … she pretty much shocked POSE magazine! who immediately decided to fire her for her so called
act! they didn’t want her to shine at all, she was just regarded as something that was kept aside, not to be looked at. On the other hand, I guess the crowd saw true beauty for what it really is, no one can take that away from her.

  • magical! wish i was there to see her too!

You will … all in its artistic wonder! this experience will be perfect for CGsociety’s Strange Behaviour Challenge!

  • That’s fantastic! … it’ll be like a dedication to her! i can’t wait to see all the people and obviously … her as well!

yes! … that’s the idea … but, people won’t be people, they’ll be depicted as robots.

Oh ok, why so?

actually, i don’t want to show the same old scene with human models and human crowd, something different is needed, like mechanical
beauty and human emotions being exploited.

  • human emotions being exploited? please elaborate …

well, have you wondered, how we humans radically choose the ones we should like or be with by keeping the first basic condition in place … looks …

Whenever there’s a newcomer at college or at our workplace, we always tend to think … what’s she like? he doesn’t talk much … she looks wierd! … he’s so geeky! … eeek! he smells!! … or the best yet …
“hey! bet 10 bucks you can’t get a date with her tonight!” with the fact that you’re so ugly that you certainly won’t get a date but owe your
pal 10 bucks… and oh! … he knew that along …

To be very honest, we do consider these people ‘strange’ , always wondering how they were born to look that way or how they seem to act that way too. But, the bottom line is, Why can’t we see them for ‘themselves’ and not for ourselves. I think, we’re ones who are strange enough to think like that.

i see … and what was your source of inspiration?

Topping my inspiration list ; “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden and the movie directed by Rob Marshall and produced by Steven Spielberg.
Followed by, “Ugly Betty” , also, these soundtracks definately fit the bill ;
“Something about you” by Jamelia" , “Flawless” by George Micheal and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

as for our Celine … that’s right … this was her wish … her moment … her night … the night everyone saw her in raw form, the way she really is … what she is … the night she finally lost her job … but then too, the night she became … “the SHOWSTOPPER!”

my thanks to all my friends who stuck by me thick and thin! your suggestions and constant encouragement kept me going further and further!
vivek(vivudude), SteevieWoo, Jeffparadox, Remko, ashiataka, Hiun, MartinNielsen, Mdavid, Musi, Ferx, Obigert, AlonChou, AxelAlonso, NinjaA55N, guterrez, DougFerreira, jassar, Pseudomodeling … you all rock the house! i wish you the very best! god bless!