Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Still can’t belive that it is not done in a 3D-App :wink:
Like that Android Girl very much.


Hiun ~ hey bro! hehehe … yup … colourful candy it is! personally i didnt want to go with same colour wash for all the robots … each one was coloured differently … on the other hand … me very late this time :frowning: … in a big big rush … really hoping like mad that i make it in time :frowning:
god bless u bro! lot of updates being posted now

guterrez ~ thanks a lot Mathias! i just saw ur work and man i was blown away! i simply love the soft glossy look of the teacups and teapots! plus the overall mood and concept! wil surely comment soon my friend! love ur work to the core!

Ferx ~ hello my bro! very happy in to see you here! its been quite a while since i logged in … been very very busy with the entry, in fact . still in works :cry: need speed up more n more!

mdavid ~ gosh buddy! i hope i reach that final soon! thank you for all the luck and encouragement u gave me all the way! i seriously need it big time!

nerdyninja ~ hello dear! im very happy u like the colour combinations! theres a little surprise in the end … actually … i thought of it a couple of days back … so it will be more of a coincedence … but im sure u’ll be surprised to see it … stay tuned! have to go go go!

Jassar ~ thanks a lot my friend! everybody’s entries are just mindblowing! ( including yours of course! ) i’ve seen the latest updates and i went woooooooooooooowww!!

vivu!! ha re :frowning: i checked it out … i seriously need to add depth of field … i even checked the reference photos of lakhme india fashion week … its there … and it looks pretty good … some details will be lost, but at least the depth will be there … lets see how it turns out … have to rush man! :cry:

DougFerreira ~ hey bro! yup … wil have a look at it and see how it works :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot for droppin by dude! cheers!

UldFerr ~ wow! your the third person who said that!:smiley: very very happy you all see it that way! feels good! stay tuned for the next update :slight_smile: god bless u bro!

Russel-Nash ~ thanks a lot dude!

AxelAlonso ~ hey there buddy! feels great to read your comment! the new update is packed with many new things … especially the outrageous company sponsor titles :stuck_out_tongue: hehe … but all of them are there for a special reason … each one is linked with the scene itself … once you read it … hopefully it should click :slight_smile: god bless u as always!

musi ~ weeeeeeeeeeee! great to see u again my good friend! the scene is building up little by little … although i have to speed up now :eek: … keepin my fingers crossed!

handlebar ~ thanks a lot bro! always a pleasure to see you here!

RafaTer ~ thanks a lot dude!

Korendo ~ hehehe … yup … she will be joining soon … really soon in fact :stuck_out_tongue: … stay tuned for more updates

js3d ~ hey dude! its been so long! yup … its hard work to get all this in photoshop … but well worth it! and seeing all your comments … i kno i’ve achieved something :slight_smile:
thanks a million for your kind words my friend!


picked up from where i left off … added light bounces on the robots …
moving onto the next update …


light bounce on the other crowd :wink:


hehe … funny name for this fella … but surely fits the bill … he’s drawn to the crowd more than her :wink:
wondering … ‘they like her!!!’


basic shading of the peeping big bot :slight_smile:


yup … envious green for him! plus those glowwwing green eyes!


next one! … basic sketch


Ahahahhhaha, this is hillarious man! You’re a man of surprises, wasn’t ready for that one, ride on!!

awesome job on bounce lights too, all these bright colors on characters contrast well with the monochromatic environment, unless you’re thinking about coloring that too :smiley:

waiting for the grand finale…




yup … shes in full colour! … wouldnt want to stand next to her tho … :open_mouth:
shes one jealous model who wanted to be in the spotlight for a long time! :open_mouth:


:eek:WHOA!! :bowdown: The King is back!


the magazine that started it all!


the company sponsors … crazy names … but they really bind the scene together along with the main attraction!
each name is meaningful in their own right…:wink:


the other side … the other sponsors … guess which company created her?! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
that name will be labelled on to her :wink:


phew! the background! but still need to get on with the details :frowning:
have to rush rush rush! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


nicely designed logos!they look like the real deal!I am a bit anxious to see the whole scene put together!Best wishes for you Neville!


Superb developement my friend. :slight_smile: You’re surely a champ at this metal-painting stuff :thumbsup:


I have not stopped in to visit any threads for a while, Neville this is fantastic, it is so clean and sharp, excellent stuff :bounce:


Hey Neville, …:eek: and more :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I only say one thing : I love your superb magic my dear friend!! ( and I love be an astonished kid watching your wonderful magic :smiley: )