Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


lookin good in the neighborhood! haha I think that some of the robots should have feminine colors…maybe there are some couples in the crowd or some females that like fashion! Pink and yellow robots! What do you think? :slight_smile:


I am dying to see your update Neville… dyyiinnngggg! Loving the work man, loving it! You are probably busier than I am at this very moment. :thumbsup:

God Bless


guterrez ~ hey dude! great to see you here! yup … you’re right about the little robots with the scratches n all in comparison to the main model … but theres a big twist in this … more like role reversal of sorts :smiley: … she will be changed to a not so perfect looking model … while the others look on in the background … theres a big reason for this … will be mentioning about it soon :wink: thanks for your kind words and suggestions! god bless!

Jeffparadox ~ jeff ma bro! thanks a million for your comment! really need it a lot! got to speed up even more now :cry:

digital-bobert ~ hey buddy! thanks for droppin by! :stuck_out_tongue:

AxelAlonso ~ thanks a lot my friend! yup … the logo design will be ready soon … coz now there are like 2 or 3 of them … ( not so sure ) … one will be for the design house that is organizing the robot fashion show … second will be for the model itself … the company that created her … and i think … mayb one for the little robots attending the show itself … ( still in progress :expressionless: )

coolkonrad ~ anytime bro! really love your work too :stuck_out_tongue: definately an entry to remember! thanks for your comment!

nerdyninja ~ hey Celine! you most certainly read my mind about the colours! in fact i’ve already implemented them along with more additions to the scene! :wink: you’ve been a great help dear! thanks a million! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiun ma bro! me love your work too! very personal and artistic! yup … been really busy :frowning: … me didnt even get time to chat with my friends last evening … plus been sleeping at 4:30 am … got a long way to go :expressionless: … god bless you too bro! stay tuned for my next update … :wink: cheers!


phew! still more to go! :open_mouth:
lots of new things added here … thanks to everyone for their suggestions! >:D< :stuck_out_tongue: … i now move on to the extreme end portion of the runway … watch out for more!

cheers my friends! :slight_smile:


Whoa:eek: All that beautifully rendered color:love: Your image is really getting a lot sweeter as you go Neville… It’s like candyyyyyyy!!:smiley:


ooooh, for the love of salty omlets with pepperoni and cheese, this is awesome man! An absolute eye candy, beautiful rendering, colors, reflections, and shapes, nothing to critique about! and again, what a speed, phew, nothing for me here but to sit and keep cheering master…

Honestly, about a few weeks ago, I didn’t think you were going to be done. But now I see that you’ll be done at a level beyond what I was imagining ;D


mh yummy yummy me likes super-soft n smooth rendering
at first I wasnt sure if the colors would all fit together but you did a great job so far, looks great man cant wait to hear your explaination about the scene


Hey my dear magician, :eek: impressive… I love the streamline design on the crowd robots, aerodynamic simplicity, woooooo huuuu, coooool!!! and the poses , the robot body lenguage says all, great!!! and the colours , awesome!!! that is true and beautiful magic for the eyes!! :slight_smile: Again, superb work like always Neville!! Cheers my friend !! :applause:


Wow! I look away for a moment and when I return the screen’s filled with fantastic new updates from Neville. I love it. Man, you work fast. It’s like each time I hit the refresh button there’s a new treat to enjoy! Keep it up mate. You’re on your way to one spectacular final


I agree with HIUN this thread is like candy! :wink: Love the new colors and the reflections in the stage! :bounce: Cant wait to see more updates!


Man you work fast but the results are always amazing :eek: , that metalica reflection is just too good for any crits!

Cheers man!


dude… amazing man… gr8 colors for the bg bots…aslso sexy reflections on the floor… dudeee this thing of ur is goin from gud to gr8 to gr8est… i just cant wait for the final thing…:deal::bounce::thumbsup::scream::love::buttrock:

FINISH IT OFF FAST MAN!! :twisted::smiley:

oh dudee one more thing… make sure u put ur model out there n then check out the whole thing… or else the model u mad will dissappear in the crowd… make sure the focus is on her…:wink:


hi Neville!Very nice work going on! we will be waiting for more! Can I give a sugestion(just a thought actually)? More white and less grey on the background color?I think it will make the whole scene more “fashion” and less mechanic,ang it will give more contrast for the characters,what do you think?good luck until the end!


this is awesome my friend, everything looks very cool. I think I read somewhere the expression “eye candy” and that what is it, your scene is pure eye candy.
Great job and keep posting, I want see more…


This is so amazing. :bounce:
I really love the different expressions of the audience.



HI Neville! Wow so much color really cool :arteest: to drop eyes on the fashion runway! :thumbsup: And love the shine of the floor, although I still don’t know if that will be the final color and texture :rolleyes:? But sure looks fantastic! I also love the idea of the 3 logos! I think will definitely add more value to the characters personality! And history, for the audience; I like a lot their eyes glowing, since they seem like they had a record camera on them! To picture the strange moment! Nothing more than great work my friend!

I am happy to hear you feel alright! Now keep working that robot! Ha-ha!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Neville,
I am still freaking out knowing you do all this in Photoshop! Oh, man, I LOVE it!:love:
Looking forward to see the pretty lady in place, and see how all elements will work together!
Go-go, Neville! :wip:


Great progress Neville, i’m still in awe at your skills.


It’s incredible. I’m surprised with the reflections of the main character. And the background is smooth and glamorus. I’m waiting for your composite image.


The audience really is wonderful; look forward to the lovely robot lady joining the scene.