Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


hehehe :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: thanks again my friend! :bounce:


Nwiz, my man! This is looking great. You gotta run fast, and you are fast indeed! keep on rocking buddy, don’t want to miss this show! :beer:


hey there bro! so very glad to see you! plus me happy you like the little guys :stuck_out_tongue: speaking of which … me gonna post another update in a few mins with the left side crowd all colourized :slight_smile: … phew! stay tuned bro! thanks a million for your kind words! :love:


hooooweeeee! left side done! ( but still details are pending … that will be done later ) my hand is aching a lot :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: … gonna take a break .;. but will be back with the crowd on the right … robot by robot :slight_smile: … like jeff said … gotta run fast!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


hi Neville

you have a great pic here … the robot model is wonderful!


Neville! the robots are so cute with those little hands! And love the design of the head, :thumbsup: that crowd will be pleased I am sure!

I am also wondering witch will be the logo you are going to use for the run way? Great work! Hope you are felling much better,:slight_smile: and work it out! Hahaha!( Run way talk):smiley:


Hey Nev,

Really like the different shapes on the robots chests - great touch. Looking forward to seeing it all together.

Good luck,


Hey Nevill, what a great magician you are my friend!!! :smiley: I love the new magic in scene !!! awesome!! (and the great act is developing in a such wonderful way!!!) :bounce: Great designs and colours and the gestures are cool!! Again like always you astonished me !! Cheers my friend!!! :beer:


Hi Neville, Master Of Robots :)!

Your creations are looking great! Beautiful individualities, and very nice podium.
I guess their tiny hands are the design decision. Love your metallic colors! :love:

Hope to see the main character in soon!


Your hand hurts…sounds like a lot of excuses to me! Bwahaha get to work! lol :smiley:

This looks great! Loving the little guys…i guess your next step is also adding the relections in them as well? I love how happy they are…which is hard to convey as they have no expressions so body language is very important. me thinks you pulled it off! :thumbsup:


Nice update, maybe it would be nice to see the eyes of the robots lighting up (sort of blinking lights) as they excitedly watch the model/s.

Looking good! Keep it up!


Maybe it would be nice to make the eyes of the robot crowd blinking or lighting up as they are excited by the robot model.

Good show!


wow thats great crowd ! :bounce:


laurentino ~ thanks a lot buddy! me very happy you like the robot model

AxelAlonso ~ hehehehe yup yup … me gotta work it out real fast! thanks for your kind wishes my friend! :love: i’m feeling much better now! as for the logo … i already thought of something that will suit the scene as well … more so … the situation itself … its a very simple and to the point logo that says it all the same time but im little confused as to where it should be placed :frowning: … will have to see how that works out
me happy you like the little guys too … i intentionally made them 10% similar to the main model … so i dont deviate away from the entire look altogether … in other words ’ hey! they’ve all got her eyes! ’ :smiley:

pseudonympending ~ dave ma man! thanks for droppin by! me too wanna get this done real quick! stay tuned bro!

Ferx ~ you make everyone feel at ease and with full happiness! god bless you my friend for your constant encouragement and best wishes! :love: cheers to you too! :beer:

musi ~ there you are!! missed you here in my thread!! hehehe … yup their hands are pretty small indeed :stuck_out_tongue: … somehow i tried to even give them human hands like the main model … but then i thought each of the groups have to be distinguished in some manner … me glad you like the entire setup and colours! thanks a lot my friend!

nerdyninja ~ heyy there celine!! hehehehehehe :smiley: your comments always bring a big big smile on my face :smiley: … i’m very happy that you love the little guys :stuck_out_tongue: … i hope that if i finish in time … i’ll go in for the reflections … sounds very tempting! :cry: theres a lot to do :expressionless: … but what makes me more happy…is the fact that you saw their expression through their body language … sometimes i dont get that right too often :expressionless: … thanks again my friend! you rock!

kikomunar ~ thanks a lot dude! thats a very good suggestion! i’ll give it a go and see how it turns out! these elemental expressions are a big help! cheers to you!

veeroooooo!! ~ great to see you re! missed you around here! :stuck_out_tongue: …there’s still more to go … latest update will be ready soon
take care re! god bless you!


started with the right side :slight_smile:
hehe the others are waiting to be drenched in colour :smiley:


nice progress, even I cant wait to see the whole scene with the robo lady+background ;) the little guys on the side look great, some lights, bulbs, scratches or stuff like that would make em more individual and also shows the perfection of the robogirl compared to this little "metalcrap" (something like shes model version 2.0 and they are just 1.2^^)
I also like the movement of them, they really look excited to me
happy doing man


you’re doing awesome progress man, getting it right the first time, what a speed. don’t stop!


looking good Neville!


Hi Neville! That poor guy can’t hold his eyes coz she’s so shiny! Or what? Haha! Love the look its all taking! And can’t wait to see the logo idea

:rolleyes: ? It’s really a great piece of work all your art Neville,:thumbsup: Keep Going! Loving in it!:smiley:


Like the colors, and the over all style!
BTW I did add som more haze to my image, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: