Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey nwiz25 ,

Your art is truly an inspiration for me. Do you have another link to your tutorial?
Keep up the amazing work!




kazziu ~ hehehe :smiley: … thanks a lot buddy for your comment! :stuck_out_tongue: im glad you like my work :slight_smile:

NinjaA55N ~ hey bro! thanks for droppin by! :stuck_out_tongue: … yup … thats absolutely right … to be honest … its goin to be very tricky and tough too :eek: … coz the background on one hand … and the model on the other … i’ll have to really try my level best to match the lighting as closely as possible … in other words … blend them all in :eek: hope i pull this off …
really love your entry a lot! especially the brush strokes and lighting :love: cheers bro! thanks again! god bless!

Hideyoshi ~ heyy dude! very glad to see you here! as for the rendering … hopefully if i finish all this in time … i’ll be posting updates on the techniques i used in getting the reflections …
stay tuned for more! :wink: thanks a lot for you kind words!
heres the tutorial link of the first half …

just wait a little while for the ‘download file’ to appear :wink:

Spiritt ~ yo man! thanks for visiting my thread … i hope you got the mail i sent you with the tutorial link … do let me know if you got it or not :wink: cheers!


the toughest part of all! setting up the scene bit by bit … heres a very basic look of the background … as to how it will all build up … but keeping in mind that will not be extremely detailed … will be explaining that later on :wink:

cheers folks!


latest update on the background … still a long way to go :frowning:

stay tuned buddies!


lookin good so far bkg wise. Now her she is fantastic…and i didnt have to whip ya! haha

Cant wait to see it all tied together…are you going to have a robot crowd?

Also just wanted to say that you rock my socks off!!! :buttrock:


Neville my man!!! What to say, what to say?>:eek:

Excellent stuff… keep it up.



nerdyninja ~ hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: you certainly are one amazing encouragement booster! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot celine! i sure loved your Allure work … hope the photos helped you out :stuck_out_tongue: me really waiting to see that one finito :bounce:
thats a great suggestion! robot crowd … my mind was swirling around either people or robots … or even a mix … will have to see about that one :wink: … thanks again dear! u rock!:buttrock:

Conkrys ~ thanks a lot bro!! :bounce: damn! its been a while man… really glad to see you here! missed ya a lot! :cry: do give my regards to your family! god bless you all! :love:


hey guys! another update on the background … lot n lots of other elements to be added … this is getting tougher than i thought :S

hope i make it :expressionless:

god bless!


Neville Buddy, heyyyy!!!
How are you man?Been a while!
You are a rendergod(of war) man!!!hehe…Love the way you work out things man, some oldschool airbrush feeling in it also.Your tuto’s and explainations really are cool and helpful also!
CAn’t wait to see your next steps and the background!
Ok now, now let’s have a beer man!
Later friend!


hey Neville, great work mate
your robot girl is just jawdropping; I have to fight with every single tea cup in my piece and you just throw out some of the coolest reflections I can imagine…very impressive
only the hands and the fingers feel a bit beyond the rest at the moment, but I guess until youre ready everything will be fine Im also very curious how you get everything together


Whoah! A few lines drawn and the background is already looking good. I can’t wait to see how this comes together. Keep going matey :thumbsup:


Hey Neville, nice contrasts on the background … and tree spots of ligth on the floor… i´m very intrigued about the whole composition … :smiley: … i cant wait to see the whole concept !!

You are like a magician, you put suspense and tension before the great act!! :smiley: (and i´m like a little child, totally astonished with the beautiful magic of the great magician and waiting for more !! :smiley: ) Cheers my friend !! :beer:


Remko!! good lord where you’ve been bro? missed ya big time! me really happy you back and complete your entry! very much looking forward to the final showdown! :bounce:
hehehehe :D… love the idea bro! beer it is!:beer: damn i really wish it came true! :cry: one fine day it will :wink: god knows well!
really great to see ya back man! thanks a million for droppin by! god bless ya bro! :love:

guterrez ~ hey buddy! thanks a lot for your kind words! i hope to complete this asap, got a long way to go … me still astounded by your entry! brilliant work mate!

mdavid ~ yo bro! thanks for your comment! full of life as always! you certainly rock! :buttrock:

Ferx ~ bro … your words are simply captivating! felt really great man! god bless you as always! :love:


me back with a big suggestion from nerdyninja :stuck_out_tongue: … i decided to add little robots as the audience … though they look really different … i wanted them to be away from the ‘models’ more like in a league of their own … this will be one crazy fashion! … gotta speed up some more!! :frowning: :frowning:

more soon people!


the second half of the crowd …
you all must be wondering they look the same in one or the other … i actually wanted to categorize the characters that will be added soon …
the robot crowd
the robot model
and of course … a big change … human models in the background … each of these groups ( as i mentioned earlier ) have a big role to play … thanx again to nerdyninja for the robot crowd suggestion … it will be too old cliche to add a human crowd … i also wanted the human models to get the shock treatment by seeing ‘her’ in the limelight! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: … by the way … i’ve already thought of the title! it really fits like a glove especially in a moment like this :stuck_out_tongue:
time is running out big time! i hope i complete this sooner :frowning:


started colouring the first robot :slight_smile:
and hey! still 9 more to go!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Nice to see you have been really busy over there Neville :smiley: Missed you for a while!

God bless!


2nd robot done! … you know what guys … i just can’t help looking at the number of days left … gives me the chills all the time! :open_mouth:

on the colourizing … i decided to give them all kinds of shades so as to differentiate them from one and another :stuck_out_tongue:


simple and a good idea:thumbsup:


hey bro! very happy to see you here once again! yup yup … m really scared coz of the limited time :frowning: … i hope i get there … thanks for dropping by bro! :love: u rock! :stuck_out_tongue: