Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey Neville, great! you’re almost done with her! I hope that means we’ll see the whole body now! I really look forward that post to apreciate the global efect of shine and reflection!

My only comment is that I think the joint balls look a little too monochomatic, I see they have kind of a satin shine, and that’s exactly what makes me think that texture would reflect at least a little of that bright copper and Ivory tones, of course more blurry and dim than in the polished parts.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the texture, but againts so much reflected light on the body parts, I feel like something is missing…
Hope this helps buddy, I loved the face, it looks amazing…


hollietree ~ holy cow!! worship me!! :eek: no ways! me lovin all the work/talent thats here :bowdown:… awesome! hehehehehehhe :stuck_out_tongue: me ever ready to share my techniques! :smiley: once im done with my entry … hopefully if theres time to spare … will surely post them all … by the way … im really sorry that you werent able to download the pdf … you can do one thing though … please send me your email id … so that i can give you a direct link to the pdf file … cheers my friend! thanks a million for dropping by! :bounce:

SteevieWoo ~ heyy bro!! :stuck_out_tongue: yup yup … you are definately right indeed! that thought was in my head for a long time … but i kept forgetting about it a lot :eek: will surely update those joints ASAP :stuck_out_tongue: … in fact … once the background is done … more details and blurred reflection of surrounding objects will be added … :wink: im very happy you like her face … im gonna let u in on somethin … ( her overall look will not like that for long … shes too clean … shes been in the fashion world for quite sometime … my buddy vivek pointed it out to me … somethin that totally skipped my mind … so you can guess whats gonna happen … but it wont too intense … ;)) take care bro! thanks a million for your comment!! god bless ya! :love:


dude shes already lookin like a superstar… droool drool… :love:

man cant wait for the finished product… btw will u introduce her to me… will taker her out man… drool… droolllll…!!
CHEERS MATE… N KEEP THE GUD WORK GOIN ON… :scream: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


Im blown away as usual from your work! haha Love it ! :love: I cant wait to see the rest of the image as a whole. If I could i would be standing over you right now with a whip in hand telling you to get to work so I can see the rest of this picture! haha


vivu!! thanx a lot re :cry: timing is running out!! m goin nuts!! :cry: by the way … i’ll be posting my latest update in a few mins … lets just say … 90% of her is done … but the extra details will be added later wen the background is ready! … in time!! :cry:

nerdyninja ~
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :scream::scream: that would surely get me in full speed ahead! :smiley: … well my dear … now u can see the rest of her … 90% of it at least … and still the background is left :cry: keepin my fingers crossed … hope things turn out well . :eek: thanks a million for your encouragement! really need it! god bless!


alright guys … title says it all i guess … all the extra details will be added later on … lets just say … when i’m really done with the background … at least then i can see what goes and what stays … :wink:

cheers my friends!

will be starting off with the background … :open_mouth:


I said it once and I will say it again… you are the master of reflections! :eek:

I really hope you make a tutorial of this!


dude she abso sexy man… only one thing… i dont know but to me the fingers look kinda odd re… i dont know how to say it but it looks like in all the 3d feel the fingers are 2d… the shine u got on it is gud. but somehow they look outta place…

n eways thats the critics from me… continue ur wonderful workl bro… she turning out to be one hot babe… :scream::thumbsup::bounce:

oh btw plz work on the bg first then work on the other parts… i guess its coz i ma not able to get a clear depth of the whole image…


Holy f… crap that’s good stuff!! :thumbsup: This is the first time, I see her in full figure, and she looks juuuust fine :slight_smile:


dude this is just soooooo HOT!!! hahahahah, never thought I’d be attracted to a robot lady, but she is something. :smiley: It’s good to see frequent updates these days, I guess the injured foot is keeping you around the desk :stuck_out_tongue: just joking… Hope it’s doing a lot better…

One suggestion: Maybe you could add some reflected brown color to the spheres at the joints. that could help to unify them with the rest of the body. maybe you already did, then I think a little more could work a little better…

but that’s ear on a camel, meaning it’s not even that important :smiley: These Turkish proverbs sounds really funny when translated into english, hahahaha, I love it!

keep it up dude! :beer:


HI Neville!
Ooh! Man she’s some top model already! She got the whole body language an attitude down to the right spot! Love it!:smiley: The work you have done on the colors textures, and lights on it are fantastic! Maybe the hand that looks fleshier it’s her right one! could be because the fingers are to thick and we expect more of feminine hand a bit longer and thinner fingers, and that’s just, personal choice in my opinion:), I like them to like that , but it’s your choice! Very nice work Neville a true master! Haha! :thumbsup:


It’s fantastic seeing the whole figure. Amazing work buddy. You’ve totally dazzled us with your painting skills. Now if I can get my 3D to look as 3D as your 2D I’ll be delighted :thumbsup:


great render :stuck_out_tongue: its stunning!! one crit is that the arm (the right one) seems shorter in the wrist area than the other arm…and the face and hands seem less rendered and more 2d than the 3d effect you painted…but nothing big :smiley: i still love it!! is there going to be a background??


Hey Neville, … you left me without words… awesome!!, simply awesome my friend! is totally “femme” and sexy, cool!! :thumbsup: ( I think in all ivory hands… but i´m late… hahahah, no, is only a personal taste :slight_smile: ) Again, awesome work!!! (and cant wait to see the background) Cheers!! :beer:


typing is difficult for me still but damn man. she is looking soo shiny… i wish i could fry some eggs on her carburetor :stuck_out_tongue:


hi neville, great to see your entry here. your work is an inspiration man. doesnt dissapoint! great attention for detail. best of luck with the judging. :deal: :thumbsup:


good lord! great to c u guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

[b]Jassar ~[/b] hehe :p me surely will bro! need to break it down carefully 

so it’ll be easy to understand
thanks a lot for your comment my friend!

[b]vivu ~[/b] actually its the background .. once i get started on that .. it'll look different .. also .. i'll be changing the reflection a bit as well .. thanks re >:D< 

MartinNielsen ~ [color=White]thanks lot bro! stay tuned for the background![/color]

[b]Jeffparadox | AxelAlonso | HFix ~[/b] thanks a million for your suggestions! 
will get on it and see the changes through .. 

> as for the face … i intended to keep it a little simpler … mostly to show the expression ever more … adding more details will some complicate her face … in fact … i’ll be adding something else to fit the entire scene as to how she should look in the final round …
> moving on to the hands … i didnt want to add more ‘bordering’ as it was done for the face and rest of the body parts … it’ll end up being too cluttered … i’ll anyways will change the reflection a bit … it looks more parallel and similar …
> for the fingers … they look that way mainly because of the actual image i traced out from … also … on the deliberate side … she is strange as ever … in terms of body structure … looks … form … she is nothing more of slim … petit … sizzling hot android babes … :wink: its how we gonna look at her …
> for the joints … that surely will be looked into … lot of work to be done … last but not the least … me gonna start with the background … once thats done … the show is not over yet … she still needs those final details and extra lighting :stuck_out_tongue: … i really hope i get all this done in time :eek: thanks a lot for everything you guys! stay tuned!

[b]mdavid ~[/b] hehehehehe :p bless you bro! thanks for being there as always! :love: 

[b]Ferx ~[/b] hehe  yup yup ..actually .. i'll try it out see how it turns out .. it'll be like she's wearing metallic gloves  thanks for your kind words my friend! 

[b]Slav ~[/b] hahahaha thats gonna be smthin else! speaking of eggs .. im hungry!! :cry:
chaitanyak ~[/b] thanks a lot dude! i really hope to finish this quickly as possible! time is running out! :eek:


nwiz25 dude you can’t be human, you’re some kind of new asian cyborg or something, those skills are mad you hear mad!


Hi buddy! Hows going? I did a marvelous job here, the render is really convincing. But Im wondering now… since u said it will be a fashion show or something, what kind of background will u use??? Im saying that because u already have a reflection in her body, so have u thought about real reflections of the surroundings? I wish u all the best! Really great pic so far!


very tight rendering, man! How did you achieve it? I am pretty sure it’s not 3D, so you did a magnificent job there! :slight_smile:
Convincing anatomy as well!
Keep going!