Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: nabil hamadi


@ DougFerreira : glad to know you like it mate ! Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


hi, just whanted to say, very nice work. lovely.
just one question…
she is sitting on? fur?
of animal which she is protecting… or?


@ maantas: Haha ! Yep she’s sitting on fur, this is the strange behavior ! Thank you for your encouragements. :slight_smile:


hey bro!!:bounce: CONGRATULATIONS on your fab finish! :love: :scream::applause: love her expression a lot! mystifying, delicate, her lethal beauty speaks for itself! wonderful execution my friend! wishing you good luck! :thumbsup: cheers dude! :beer:


She is quit beutiful… :slight_smile: Cant’ take my eyes over her! ^.^
Nice job! :wink:


@nwiz25 : Thank you bro, your work is stunning too ! Good luck for you !
@Liuba : Thanks mate ! :slight_smile:


Hi Nabil,

That’s great work as usual,

The composition works well, and the serenity of the hunter doing scary stuff.

I love her ^^

Good luck Nab.


Hey Nabil, great concept mate! I like the atmosphere on the room, puts a great touch on the pose and expression of the young “Ártemis”, really cold and beautiful.
Congratulations for this awesome art work! and good luck mate! Cheers! :beer:


@ In-Poculis& @ Frex : thank you guys ! :slight_smile:


sorry I havn’t posted, work keeps me busy :slight_smile:

Love the idea and great final image.



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