Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: nabil hamadi


hey Nabil! Rabbits, gay gladiators and angels were great, but this new character (May) and topic is FANTASTIC! She’s so sexy! Really love her!

Can’t wait to see more! Good luck!


[left]I have to say I like this 2nd version much better than the first one, the girls expression is quite cool
there are some small anatomy issues, the hand shes touching the rifle with looks a bit awkward and also the foot on the left side shouldnt dissappear behind…whatever shes sitting at coloring is really nice so far, Im curious about your next step


@ popol : Tnx mate, i’ll try to make a bigger fox and see :slight_smile:
@ melkao : Heh ! DanielSLimon don’t think the same HAHAHA ! Thanks dude :slight_smile:
@ tAstyBITs : stay tuned buddy :thumbsup:
@ Oweron : thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:
@ madein1027 : Hey Lu thanks sweety, yep I’ll improve the design of the hunter’s head soon ( and many other things )
@ Ferx : Maaan thank you ! you read french ?! :applause: kewl !!! Cheers mate !
@ medunecer : Thank you buddy! Be careful DanielSLimon is already in love with her :smiley:
@ guterrez : Hey hey, finally some anatomy crits :smiley: about the hand: the hole arm is posed on the edge of an old chair ( not yet designed ) that’s why it is slackened but not awkward :slight_smile: About the foot : it is covered by the stag fur she wear ( not yet painted ) :slight_smile: Stay tuned buddy and thank you for the crits :thumbsup:


Hi there. I started working on rabbits fur and lighting, let me know about your thoughts, I am also working on may, more updates soon :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Good Job, Nab !
Je suis craquée par les lapins ! Ils sont très très mignons, notamment leurs oreilles sont bien faits. Il faut que tu le finisses, Nab ! Bon courage pour la suite !


Okay, this is a Tarzan-ish idea… But you made it work very well.
I like how you changed May from the pin-up looking girl to more natural one… unspoiled one might say…
I keep thinking how the thing would look without the fire and just some gloomy rays falling on her through a window… You know, with the dust in the air and stuff…

Kudos for the bunnies =)

Keep up the good work!


Hi everybody, it’s been along time since I uploaded something here. Too much work during this last period ! So, here is my new version of May I changed some face details and worked on her hair… She needs more work and
I hope I’ll find enough time to finish this work, I’ll do my best !
Good luck for all the buddies, I saw a lot of impressive stuff evolving on
this challenge.


hey bro!! damn … she looks so beautiful! :love: :eek: love the new concept a lot!
this will rock the house! :bounce: me looking forward to your next update! :stuck_out_tongue: … cheers bro! :beer: all the best to you! :thumbsup:


Hey hey ! How you doin’bro ! Thanx for your support dood ! Your work is great too :slight_smile:
All the best for ya too


Cool piece :thumbsup: It could be interesting to see what she actually uses those antlers for. I bet that would look really “strange” :slight_smile:


dang! she’s so appealing! I guess that’s part of her trap! really sexy sight!
I think she needs a bit more of the greenish backlight on her face and shadow too, her right cheek is a bit flat, If you can mix the two light sources there as you did on the knee or boob I think she’ll look great! BTW I love the detail behind her head… is so moody!!

Well I really hope you can get done with this one! It has evolved a lot indeed!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


@ SteevieWoo : Thank you so much for these cool crits dude ! I’ll do mybest to fix all these details and try to fininsh on time. It’s a little bit hard with all the work I have to finish in the same time :slight_smile:
Cheers mate !
Good luck for everybody


Working hard and tryin’ to find time to finish :slight_smile:


nice progress man, it would be a shame if you wouldn`t finish this piece
I think her titties are realistic enough, now finish the rest^^
the colors are great, the fur, the fox and her leg are coming along really cool


@ guterrez : Heheheh thank you mate ! I’ll do my best :slight_smile:


L’effet de la fourrure est bien réussie, ça me donne l’envie de la toucher, je l’adore ! ( La flamme, l’ombre des arbres et les petits animaux sont très bien. Je l’avait dit paravant, donc je le répète pas. =p ) .
Je trouve que dans la scène toutes les choses sont bien faites, et qu’il manque donc une chose qui est la plus importante, et qui attire directement à la regarde. Peut-être que la cheminée et la flamme doivent être moins focalisé, non?
Il faudra que tu le finisses, bon courage !


Hi, bouboul, good to see you still busy. I know it’s very much still a work in progress and you probably already see these points, but just in case:

Her foot on the floor seems to be floating there instead of anchored. (Same for the left rabbit.) Some more solid shadows underneath them should help.

Her other foot seems to be missing… took me a second to see that it was snuggled up in the fur because they’re such a similar value. Changing the value of the fur, or just emphasizing the dark shadow on the fur where it overlaps could help that a lot.

And the last crit is that you’re not done yet. Don’t you crap out on another Challenge! You’re really close, you’d better go the last mile and finish this thing, I mean it!!! :slight_smile:
Now get back to work! :wink:

…good luck!



This has come along quite nicely, and the comp looks somehow very original to me. I agree with Michael above, don’t just dump this, give it a final push, mate!! It’ s looking great, just a bit of polishing here and there and you’re done!


Hi everybody, still tryin ti find spare time to finish this work. I hope i’ll finish on time :slight_smile:


@ Walrus: thanks mate for these crits and all your encouragement ! I’ll do my best to finish this time.
@ Harachte: Dude I am polishing! I am polishing! Thanks for you support !

Thank you guys, best of luck for everybody :slight_smile: