Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: nabil hamadi


OK, but really, I haven’t crits, only I have fallen in love with your girl of white hair :love:


HAHAHAHA ! But she’s a killer be careful ! You like hunting ? HAHAHA !
Thanks mate ! Stay tuned !


Yes sure! but, i can be hunted by her! HAHAHA aouurrghh HAHAHA


Franchement, la cheminée et la texture de bois créent une vraie ambiance mystèrieuse ! La tête du chasseur doit s’accrocher sur la cheminée, non? :thumbsup: avec du sang, et tout?
J’ai hâte de le voir… Bon courage pour la suite !


Heyyy…glad to know that you like the background LU ! Yes the hunter’s head will be on the chimney. And yes it will be bloody :twisted:
Tnx Lu and stay tuned :smiley:


the bg is looking very very nice… cant wait to see more as this progreses…

have fun,


Hi, this my last lighting and values study, I also added the hunter’s head which I will surely redraw soon. Let me know about your thoughts and crits :slight_smile:


Wow it’s really evolved now, looks like you’re having fun with it!

That fireplace is beautifully eerie.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


@ icedeyes: Tnx more detailed version is coming soon
@ SteevieWoo: tnx dood :beer:

No more crits? :banghead:



hey nabil,

Everything looks very good so far… just two crits:

a) the rifle looks out of balance and the position of the hand anhances the feeling… like she is pushing is down…

b) the fox seems strange there… also feels like the fox is cut halfway by the rifle back…

keep us posted,


Hey Nabil, that is great ! I really liked :thumbsup: Perhaps a fire in the fireplace put a dramatic lighting for the scene, only a comment. Again great work!


Yehhéé, come on baby,light my fire!!!Love it Bouboule, just love it!No crits, just beer!Cheers!


@ icedeyes : Thanx mate, I’ll change this rifle and the position of the fox :thumbsup:
@ Frex : Yep you are right buddy, I’ll put some fire. Thanx for the suggestion :thumbsup:
@ Okmer : Yeeeeha, thanx for your support, your bunny bot is awesome so let’s :beer:

Thank you guys for your ideas and support, stay tuned. Cheers everybody


exellent nabil keep up the good work !!
You can maybe make the fox a little bit bigger.:thumbsup:


The idea looks nice…good job mith scketches!..i don’t want to meet her!:scream:


It’s looking good! I looking forward to further updates.


Testing some colors for the atmosphere, I have to rebuilt shadows since I added fire in the chimney ( workin on it) :slight_smile:


Hey, I just wanna say that I really really like the spirit of this entry. Keep up great work. Good luck :thumbsup:


A good job, Nab ! :thumbsup:

L’ombre des arbres sur les planche est très réussi ! Avec la lumière de la lune, franchement, on peut se sentir quelque chose d’étrange qui se passe dehors. D’autre part, la flamme et la lumière de la lune s’opposent, humm, c’est une exellent idée !
I pense que tu vas améliorer le profil du chasseur et la cheminée,non? J’ai hate de les voir !
Bon courage pour la suite ! :buttrock:


Hey Nabil, that its a great work !! I really enjoy your painting!! great !! :thumbsup: The fire puts a great lighting note and like says Madein1027 , the moon light and the fire light is a great combination, and excellent idea, nice work mate!! :beer: