Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: nabil hamadi


Excellent ! :slight_smile: La tête du chasseur est raccroché sur le mur, il y a du sang couvert à la moitié du visage, et surtout le sang continue de couler, une ambiance tendu,hummmmmm,c’est très réussi !


@ ziriguidum : :smiley: thank you mate, i’ll make it better soon :beer:
@ idyeaah : HAHA more stuff is coming soon, it would be cool if you can comment the composition i’ll post :beer:
@ madein1027 : Heh, I didn’t knew that you like glaucous atmosphere Lu ! :twisted:

Thank you guys aiting for your next comments and crits buddies


This is my new concept of May’s face and expression, actually I am working on a new pose less sexy :wink: and more mysterious… Crits, comments and ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


Excellent drawing. This unfinished work has a soul all of its own. Facial expression and the choppy composition is organized in a way very pleasing to the eyes, and this is not simply because of he what is drawn, but how it has be drawn. Again, great “unfinished” work.


More details, the whole composition is coming soon… Any crits ?


WOW thank you so much Abeytwabey ! :blush: I think that it made a good choice when i decided to redraw May, glad to know that you liked the facial expression.
Thanks again and stay tuned !
PS: what do you think about my last post ? :smiley:


Just love the concept Nabil!!!The power of the dark site is strong!:twisted:
You got great drawingskills man,wwoooo…
Indeed really nice unfinished work.
Yap temps au compliments jedi,haha!Quand il faut le dire, buh,faut le dire quoi:D
Cheers buddy and keep up the good work!


I love your drawing style, it’s so academic when you want, and illustrative when you want otherwise. I really dig your last post, no stylistic cheats nothing, a real academic figure drawing. refreshing to see here. see you around…


I agree with everything that’s been said. This last sketch is amazing. Can’t wait to see it with colors.


Very nice sketch and very nice girl!:thumbsup: Le renard et les lapins sont très mignons, je les adore ! Les oreils du femme sont excellents, ça attire l’oeil ! Par contre quelle couleures des cheveux tu mettras, rouge, blanc, ou d’autre ?
Best of luck with your new sketch and looking forward !


Hi there, this a color test on May’s face, I didn’t fixed the final indoor lighting and tints yet. I have to finish the line art before but I could not resist to the temptation to make her come alive and share this attempt with you :slight_smile:
Comments are welcome.


keep it up and good luck!


Génial, Nab !!!
J’adore la couleure des cheveux ! Ca donne une image d’un roi des animaux, sauvage et sexy !:slight_smile:


Beautiful face, bouboul! Nice work!


Your last sketch is awesome. I would go on with that.


Your main character looks wonderful and very natural, keeping this mind i think will really make a difference in the long run. As for the colour tests i think if she was native to the woods and spent most of her time outside then her body and complexion would be much more cold blood orientated. So it might be worth trying a very pale skin tone and adding patches of the brown fur growing down from her ears.


I really really love this concept but at the moment it shouts sexy and not necessarilly strange… every element by itself introduced so far is looking trully amazing but you might want to try paler tones and maybe more dramatic lighting to enhance the strange feeling…

Just a couple of thoughts… keep it up…


WOW! i really like your way to work, I’m going to follow your thread, sure :slight_smile:


Hi, this is my work on the background, it’s the old forest house where May lives with her little friends, it’s also where she traps her victims. I worked with photo references for the old wood and the chimney… I’ll probably add some other elements soon and of course the trophy of the poor hunter. I still didn’t work on the lightings and tints, I guess it will be hard to create a strange and frightening atmosphere with these, that’s why your comments, suggestions and crits will be very helpful guys ! Let me know about your thoughts :slight_smile:


@ Gune :Thanks mate !
@ madein1027 : Merci Lu !
@ walrus : Thanks Michael, it’s great to see ya on my thread man !
@ Anatomista : Thanks dood, what do you think about the update ?
@ Noisetank : I’ll start real color tests soon, thank you for these good suggestions.
@ icedeyes : As I said before, I didn’t started the tones and lighting work yet, I’ll try my best to make the whole composition more strange, your thought will be very helpful. Thanks George, don’t hesitate to drop more thoughts !
@ DanielSLimon : Thank you for your support mate ! Let me know about your thoughts and crits dude !

I really want to finish this one and I need more and more crits and ideas to improve this attempt guys ( encouragements are welcome too :smiley: )!
Thank you all !