Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: nabil hamadi


HI NAbil!!Woowwww great man!ME too same as the others for the blood, and on the other han I do like it also as it brings in a nice note of color in that part of the pic.It alos gives a strange ,kind a irealistic feeling.Great work mate gogogo!!Q la force t’accompagne buddy!


I must say, you’ve got incredible skills! I’m also betting on this one! Good show and good luck!


this the story of a strange girl which got lost in deep forest when she was young she lost her parents in that day. Everybody thought that all the family was eaten by wolves and
little by little forgot about this story. But an old hunter wich became a story teller is still telling about a savage girl living in the deep forest speaking with animals, wearing stag horns and fur. He also says that she spends her days to allure the hunters mislaid, to kill them thereafter and make trophies with their heads…

In this work I have tried to emphasize the contrast
between the components of the image and push it to the maximum
without loosing the glaucous atmosphere that I wanted to convey.
Where is the strange behavior? In fact, through this contrast this gorgeous creature hidden in the forest protecting her small companions by becoming a dangerous killer. Why is she doing this? Why is she killing all these hunters? This creature that seems so fragile and so alone… I find it very strange. And his expression as cold
as if she does not realized the magnitude of her act…

I would thank all the mates for their support and their good crits. Good luck for everybody It was so cool to be in this challenge :slight_smile:


Congrats. Nice final :thumbsup:


@ IlincaMilosan : thanx for your support :slight_smile:
@ Walrus : Thanks dude for all your encouregements and you good and helpful crits
@ Nemesix : thank you so much, I am doin’ my best to improve my rendreings, can’t wait for the next challenge :slight_smile:
@ Okmer: Hey buddy how you doin’ ? Man you have to finish the incredible piece you started there’s enough time now :wink:
@ kikomunar: Oh thank you so much ! Good luck for everybody, there are a lot of stunning work around on this challenge ! It’s really good to be part of it :smiley:
@ MartinNielsen : tnx mate :slight_smile:


Bravo, Nab ! :slight_smile: that’s so great !
La tête de chasseur est très réussite, surtout la lumière froide sur son visage, c’est excellent !


I like what you did, man. Congratulations.


@ madein1027and @ Anatomista : Thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:


It’s a gorgeous illustration! Her face and anatomy are astounding!This should be used as advertisement to make hunters stop praticing their “sport”.Good work ,and with a very important message!Congrats!


@ DougFerreira : glad to know you like it mate ! Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


hi, just whanted to say, very nice work. lovely.
just one question…
she is sitting on? fur?
of animal which she is protecting… or?


@ maantas: Haha ! Yep she’s sitting on fur, this is the strange behavior ! Thank you for your encouragements. :slight_smile:


hey bro!!:bounce: CONGRATULATIONS on your fab finish! :love: :scream::applause: love her expression a lot! mystifying, delicate, her lethal beauty speaks for itself! wonderful execution my friend! wishing you good luck! :thumbsup: cheers dude! :beer:


She is quit beutiful… :slight_smile: Cant’ take my eyes over her! ^.^
Nice job! :wink:


@nwiz25 : Thank you bro, your work is stunning too ! Good luck for you !
@Liuba : Thanks mate ! :slight_smile:


Hi Nabil,

That’s great work as usual,

The composition works well, and the serenity of the hunter doing scary stuff.

I love her ^^

Good luck Nab.


Hey Nabil, great concept mate! I like the atmosphere on the room, puts a great touch on the pose and expression of the young “Ártemis”, really cold and beautiful.
Congratulations for this awesome art work! and good luck mate! Cheers! :beer:


@ In-Poculis& @ Frex : thank you guys ! :slight_smile:


sorry I havn’t posted, work keeps me busy :slight_smile:

Love the idea and great final image.



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